Improve sales productivity with Cloudapps Sensai, the most advanced AI sales platform for CRM

Improve sales productivity with the most advanced AI sales platform for CRM

Ask any sales leader and they’ll most likely tell you that some of the biggest challenges they face today include how to improve team productivity, forecast accuracy and deal success. Whilst there are many means of making adjustments to team behaviours and processes to achieve improvements, they can be time-consuming, complicated and costly.

So, what if we were to tell you that there is a quicker, more effective way of achieving, and even exceeding, these results?

Deep learning AI technology

For some time now, AI experts across the world have been looking at ways in which technology can not only analyse data but also learn from it – a term known as deep-learning machine learning. Unlike traditional AI, which is powered by human-led statistical analysis and educated assumptions, deep learning AI is an incredibly intelligent system which mimics the workings of the human brain. It can read results, understand nuances and rationalise outcomes, constantly learning from every interaction to improve intelligence and enable highly accurate predictions.

Apply this to your sales CRM alongside other time-sequenced data, such as emails, or accounts records, for example, and suddenly you have a means of gaining highly accurate sales insights that will transform your sales function.

Cloudapps Sensai, the most advanced AI sales platform for CRM, is the first and only provider of ‘Deep Learning’ powered AI in the CRM sector and offers a powerful sales development tool that can not only improve sales effectiveness in the here and now, but also continuously learn as the market develops – enabling organisations to futureproof their sales and CRM activities for whatever lies ahead.

The Cloudapps difference

The Cloudapps AI engine is unique in its ability to generate forecasts that are over 92% accurate. This accuracy comes from;

Learning from rich behavioural data: It generates a rich data audit trail for every deal based on high-value sales behaviours, not simply sales activity, and the more data you feed it, the greater the accuracy.

Uncovering insights from the deal journey:  The data picture it builds is time-sequenced, recording not just which sales behaviour happened but crucially when.

Using the latest innovation: Not all AI is as smart. The Cloudapps AI engine uses the very latest ‘Deep Learning’ algorithms that significantly outperform traditional AI.

Achieve more

Cloudapps Deep Learning AI engine powers our current customers to achieve results that include:

  • Improved productivity: a greater level of insight brings more focused activity. We’ve helped our customers save hundreds of hours and achieve 60% more selling time through a more focused approach to sales
  • Highly accurate sales forecasting: deep learning AI uses time-sequenced data to identify exactly what influences sales success, enabling an impressive 95% forecast accuracy
  • Increased deal success: employing a personalised sales process and flow for every opportunity, generated from in-depth data insights, can increase win rate by up to 20%

So, if you are thinking about future-proofing your CRM and sales activities, then it is well worth considering an application that will bring richer, more continuous learning over time, giving you a competitive edge that is difficult to rival.

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