Press Release: AI led innovation for B2B Marketers

B2B Marketing trials proof of concept to improve marketing predictions

London, United Kingdom – Ice Blue Sky and Cloudapps today announced the launch of a new AI led Innovation for the company B2B Marketing – the powerhouse of B2B Marketing growth.

Beginning with a proof of concept, the project will see Blue Cloud AI (an AI Managed Service, developed by Ice Blue Sky and Cloudapps) predict which segments of customers will be more likely to respond to which marketing activity. Leading to improved marketing conversions, and better focused marketing budgets.

We’re excited to be running this proof of concept” explains Richard O’Connor, CEO of B2B Marketing, “It will help us understand in detail who our ideal customers are, and ensure we align our service offerings precisely to their needs. To do this on our own would take months, and we’re now able to achieve this in just a few weeks.”

“Once the data has been analysed and the predictions completed” Richard continues, “we will be provided with an ABM campaign plan developed by Blue Cloud, specifically designed for the customer segment. This will help our team enormously, and will deliver significantly faster time to value for the activity. This combination of AI and expert driven ABM knowledge will deliver significant value.”

To do ABM, and any go to market planning well, you need insights, and while external insights are valuable, the ability to analyse past performance and then to be able to map that against potential prospects in order to best predict success is hugely valuable.

Blue Cloud AI speeds up marketing’s time to value and offers the following benefits on a continual basis:

  • Effective & accurate cross-sell and upsell
  • Prospect matches to best fit customers for increased SAAS sales conversions
  • Prediction and prevention of customer churn
  • Faster ideal customer profiling for demand generation & ABM
  • Fast and accurate lead scoring for best fit predictions

About Blue Cloud AI

Blue Cloud AI combines the intelligence and scale of the Cloudapps AI platform with the deep industry knowledge & delivery skills from Ice Blue Sky to create ready to go AI models that can be applied to your own data.

About Ice Blue Sky

At Ice Blue Sky we empower our technology clients to achieve their marketing and sales goals through strategy, creativity and a focus on results. We work with some of the largest technology companies to deliver strategy, lead generation & ABM, and sales & channel enablement.

About Cloudapps

Helping sales executives forecast, predict & improve sales results using artificial intelligence and behavioural science.

About B2B Marketing

We understand that B2B marketing can be complex and challenging. Creating lasting relationships with other businesses. Communicating the value of clients’ products or services. Staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.