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Helping sales executives forecast, predict & improve sales results using artificial intelligence and behavioural science.


AI Guided Selling:
Increase win rates by 20%.

We deliver deep insight into deal health, drive every rep to quota, and take forecast accuracy to unprecedented new heights.

How? By using AI and behavioral science to track & promote the right sales behaviors at the right time, deliver guided selling & data-driven coaching, and construct highly accurate forecast predictions.

The Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness & Accuracy Platform can increase your win rate by 20%, average deal size by 19%, and take forecast accuracy over 95%.

Delivering sales growth for some of the world’s most successful companies

AI Sales Forecasting:
Increase your sales insights.

CSO Insights 2019 study into world-class sales practices reports two worrying trends for sales leaders.

Namely, ‘less than 50% of forecasted deals close’ and ‘only 24% of organizations assess top performers to uncover the reasons for their success.

By tracking sales behaviors, we provide the deep insight needed to assess deal health, determine pipeline quality, and pinpoint the behaviors of top performers.

We help create a data-driven path to closure for each of your deals and increase win rates across the board.

Guided Selling:
Get all your reps
to quota.

Are you reliant on a few top sales performers? According to this 2018 sales talent study, the top 20% of salespeople still account for more than 50% of revenue.

Imagine if the remaining 80% delivered at the same rate as your top reps.

We help organizations like yours get everyone to quota using AI-powered guided selling, gamification & data-driven sales coaching.

Deep Learning AI:
Improve your forecast accuracy of >95%.

Forecasting isn’t easy. Often reliant on the word of the rep, it’s hard for sales leaders to know exactly what to commit. And even harder to repeatedly deliver against their promised number.

This is a common challenge. A 2019 sales excellence study confirms that less than 50% of forecasted deals end up closing.

We dispel uncertainty by leveraging AI and predictive technology that allows you to forecast with confidence.

‘The weekly KPIs that we usually see at close of play on Friday we now see on Wednesday – I now have green lights across the board.’
  • 20% increase in win rate

  • 19% increase in average deal size

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Clarion Events - Sales Effectiveness - Increase Win Rate by 20%