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The Science Behind Selling

Drive the High-Value Behaviours
that Deliver Sales


What will SuMo do for you?

Increase sales performance by monitoring & motivating more of your high-value sales behaviours. Forget traditional sales improvement techniques and say hello to SuMo; continual sales improvement that iterates between sales performance insight and sales improvement action.

Increase sales performance with SuMo Motivate

Deliver Sales Performance Insight

Create a real-time data-driven picture of individual sales rep performance, pipeline health & sales process efficiency.

Increase sales performance with SuMo Motivate

Drive Sales Improvement Action

Drive adherence to your sales process by motivating the high-value, ‘winning’ sales behaviours that lead to more sales.

Adopt a scientific approach to selling

Based on monitoring and motivating high-value sales behaviours, SuMo accelerates success across the core middle ground of your team. We call this “moving the middle” and it’s the fastest way to increase your team’s performance.

The 70 modern sales KPIs
you should be tracking


How does SuMo do it?

+ SuMo tracks high-value sales behaviours NOT simple sales activity

SuMo tracks & records patterns of high-value (often complex) behaviours such as these:

  • A sales call was made; it lasted more than 10 mins; to a senior job title & is the 20th such call today

  • A rep has moved 200K worth of Opportunities to the ‘Qualified’ stage during this quarter

These are examples of high-value sales behaviours that drive success. And if you can track them, you can motivate more of them.

+ SuMo builds a data-driven picture of sales performance over time

By silently tracking both positive (and careless) sales behaviours, SuMo quickly builds a data picture that provides a trend over time of how sales reps are performing and how efficiently the sales process is working.

+ SuMo motivates the behaviours that lead to more deals

SuMo brings groups of high-value sales behaviours together with users to create competitions that drive increased sales performance. Competition results can be compared to a baseline to demonstrate the sales improvement advances being made.

increase sales performance

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Who is SuMo for?

Sales leaders get the most from your team

Sales Leaders

Get the most from your team

Sales Leaders

  • Build a clean pipeline stacked full of healthy deals with sales coaching delivered in real-time
  • Maximise the performance of your sales team and turn your core performers into high flyers
  • Win more often and increase forecast accuracy with data-driven insight into pipeline health
Sales Reps - Be The BEST You Can!

Sales Reps

Be the best you can

Sales Reps

  • Advance your deals & hit your target faster thanks to real-time intelligent sales coaching tips
  • Benefit from real-time deal predictions that ensure every deal stays on the path to success
  • Learn from the pros with invaluable insight into the sales path taken by the top performing reps
Sales Ops - Uncover the Sales Performance Insight You Crave

Sales Ops

Uncover the insight you crave

Sales Ops

  • Monitor pipeline & deal health in real-time with data-driven insight based on high value sales behaviours
  • Track and eliminate the careless sales behaviours that are slowing your sales team down
  • Tune and accelerate your sales process based on insight into the winning habits of top performers
Sales Enablement Coaching

Sales Enablement

Unleash your real-time coaching aid

Sales Enablement

  • Reduce new sales hire on-boarding time and have your newbies contribute revenue faster
  • Eliminate the training drain, reinforce learning through intelligent coaching nudges delivered in real-time
  • Increase efficiency & effectiveness across the whole sales team by maximising the potential of your core performers
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Our customers agree

Qlik saw incredible results from deploying SuMo Motivate
It just makes working here fun. And that’s what we want people to experience when they’re here; work harder, enjoy their work and hopefully help them be successful in the long term.
Joe Francis, VP Global Operations & Strategy, Qlik

Our customers see rapid results

Increase in Sales Pipeline
Increase in Sales Performance
Extra Sales Calling Hours

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