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Increase sales performance with SuMo

Introducing SuMo, a sales performance management app built 100% on Salesforce.

Increase Sales Performance

SuMo plugs right into your CRM, providing you with the capability to:

Gain Sales Performance Insight

Manage your teams using ‘leading sales indicators’

Coach Sales Excellence

Turn your front-line sales managers into elite coaches

Motivate Sales Action

Drive the behaviours that lead to more closed deals

SuMo allows you to create a clean & healthy pipeline, stacked full of real deals that delivers a sustained increase in sales performance.

Deliver continual
sales improvement
that iterates between
sales insight,
coaching & action

Sales Performance Insight

Meet the SuMo family

Sales Performance Insight

Opportunity Insight & Predict

Create a Clean & Healthy Pipeline

Real-time Sales Coaching

People Insight & Coach

Deliver Data-driven Support & Guidance

Increase Sales Cadence


Increase Your Sales Cadence


Adopt a scientific approach to selling

By motivating high-value sales behaviours, SuMo accelerates success across the core middle ground of your team. We call this “moving the middle” and it’s the fastest way to increase your team’s performance.

A Scientific Approach to Selling

There’s a science to winning.
Why leave it to chance?

Sales Performance Insight

Manage your sales teams using ‘leading sales indicators’

Track your team’s progress against your ‘leading sales indicators’. Only by tracking them, can you motivate a greater level of achievement against them.

Real-time Sales Coaching

Turn every front-line sales manager into an elite sales coach

Build a data-driven picture of individual rep performance against both positive & careless sales behaviours. Deliver intelligent coaching prompts & guided selling by sales stage.

Increase Sales Cadence

Drive the sales behaviours that lead to more closed deals

Rapidly create competitions that increase achievement against your leading sales metrics. Compare results to a pre-competition baseline & measure the advances you have made.

Who is SuMo for?

Sales Leaders

Increase forecast accuracy with data-driven
insight & a pipeline full of healthy deals

Manage by leading sales indicators &
maximise the performance of the
whole team

Coach in real-time with intelligent coaching
prompts that automatically guide reps
through the sales process

Sales Ops

Gain detailed, data-driven insight into
pipeline, deal health & sales performance

Track & eliminate the careless
sales behaviours that are
slowing your sales team down

Benchmark sales excellence by learning
from your top performers


Slash ramp-to-revenue time with
automated sales on-boarding

Build a personalised coaching
programme that supports reps
as they work

Guide your sales teams to always hit
sales milestones using guided selling

Sales Reps

Advance your deals & hit your target faster
with real-time coaching tips

Benefit from data-driven deal predictions
that ensure every deal stays on the
path to success

Learn from the pros with invaluable
insight into the winning habits
of top performers


Join hundreds of customers powering
the performance of their sales teams with SuMo

SuMo Customers


increase in sales productivity


extra hours of sales call time


decrease in closed/lost deals

SIG wanted to boost sales activity & overall
sales efficiency for its 1,000 strong sales team.

By putting SuMo to work, SIG achieved:

1. accelerated growth of their sales pipeline
2. an increase in sales activity
3. an improved closure rate
4. a higher conversion rate

Read the full case study here

UBM wanted their sales team to rapidly adopt their new
CRM system & engage with their updated sales process.

They craved detailed insight into how their sales team
used the system.

Thanks to SuMo, UBM discovered a strong correlation
between sales activity & revenue attainment.

Read the full case study here

"Top performers were actually innovating
around our process.

This insight helped us fine-tune our entire
sales methodology!"

John O'Neill, Head of Salesforce Implementation

Read the full case study here

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