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Helping sales executives forecast, predict & improve sales results using artificial intelligence and behavioural science.

Drive revenue growth

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Pipeline Health

Close more deals and hit your sales quotas every quarter.

We deliver deep insight into deal health, drive every rep to quota, and take forecast accuracy to unprecedented new heights.

The cloudapps Sales Effectiveness & Accuracy Platform can increase your win rate by 11%, average deal size by 6%, and take forecast accuracy over 95%.

Maximise Sales Investment

The only Revenue Intelligence platform you'll ever need.

Reveal pipeline and unearth risk

See every forecast call, every email sent, every meeting booked and much more, in one place.

Turn activity data into engagement insights

Turn activity data into engagement insights to understand how effective rep activity truly is.

Make informed decisions with accurate data

Transform activity data into insights on what deals to prioritize

Maximise CRM investment

Close more deals, faster with cloudapps deal health technology

Turn sales activity into actionable insights to drive pipeline reviews, forecast commits and opportunity prioritization.

Empower your team to make better, data-driven decisions:

The Power of Deep Learning

Improve your forecast accuracy of >95%

Increase forecasting confidence by leveraging revenue insights to identify the deals truly likely to close.

No more gut-feeling forecasts. Increase the accuracy of your calls to 95% by revealing the deals likely to close.

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Integrating cloudapps into our CRM has been vital in tackling this; we have been able to pinpoint key behaviours that correlate with greater sales success.

Schuyler Michael

Head of Sales Operations, EG

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Since the implementation, we’ve seen a 20% decrease in time spent onboarding new colleagues. With cloudapps, it’s beyond the traditional vendor-supplier relationship. It’s a partnership that continues to grow from strength to strength.

David Turner

Chief Marketing Officer, IRIS Software Group

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cloudapps applications are a key component in our Sales Operations Tech Stack. It enables managers to energise team through Sumo competitions and drive the correct behaviours. Driving and measuring Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) in Sumo is fantastic for both managers and sellers to understand and drive productivity. The cloudapps team provide great support making the set up feel seamless.

Ann Cashman

Digital Sales Global Operations Manager, Vodafone

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