Real-time data capture and processing

The Cloudapps revenue intelligence platform continuously listens for changes and updates made to opportunities within your CRM, and processes them as they occur, providing you with a record of what happened and when. It then generates and records an updated prediction based on this new information, enabling you to see the cause and effect of your sales process and actions at any given time. 

The platform uses a technique called Change Data Capture (CDC) to achieve this. CDC is commonly used in computing to monitor and record data changes as they occur in a database.

CDC captures updates made to the data at the source, and then emits them as events which the Cloudapps revenue intelligence platform captures and stores. This allows us to reconstruct data records from your CRM to any state in their history, enabling snapshots to be taken at any particular point in time that are needed for analysis or reporting purposes. 

This architecture effectively provides a time machine allowing you to view an opportunity as it appeared at any point in time. Not only does this facilitate retrospective analysis such as win/loss reviews, but this information is also used to feed into our deep learning systems to power more accurate predictions.

cloudapps Data Capture

How your data is processed and protected

Safety and security of your data is of paramount importance, which is why we follow a stringent set of procedures to process and protect your valuable data. 

The first step is to import your data onto our secure platform, where we can then process it and enrich it with additional analysis. This data is then presented back to your team through the Cloudapps revenue intelligence user interface, or used for inference or training as required. The platform will continue to identify and record changes and updates after the initial point of analysis, further enhancing the data.

This means of processing data also enables our revenue intelligence platform to generate live insights and predictions, so you always have the most up-to-date snapshot of your sales pipeline. An incredibly sophisticated means of data capture and analysis, to drive more informed, agile sales decisions. 

We follow the highest standards in data management and platform security to ensure the safety of your valuable data. You can find full details of our accreditations and the steps we have taken to secure our cloud platform here

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cloudapps Data Capture

See a snapshot of your opportunities at any given time

Using "change data capture" to track and maintain a complete history of opportunities over time,  we capture any change (event) in your CRM platform and look back at when it happened to provide snapshots of opportunities. A change data capture could be triggered when a rep progresses an opportunity for example.  We then apply machine learning scoring to make a prediction every day, capturing every change that has occurred, and also every prediction made. This allows for complete transparency and the ability to track predictions over time, whilst also enabling the deep learning platform to refine its output to deliver highly accurate results.

cloudapps Data Capture

Remove distracting data

The Cloudapps revenue intelligence platform includes automated feature engineering to analyse and filter out data that may not be relevant to predicting the health of opportunities, such as removing fields that don’t get used in the sales process or fields which are highly correlated with the opportunity outcome. This helps to arrive at the most effective machine learning model for your organisation, which generalises to perform consistently well on live opportunities.

cloudapps Data Capture

Customise your solution

We employ a global set of data processing rules to our deep learning engine to ensure you receive insights that are relevant, understandable and actionable. However if you have a unique use case in mind, we are able offer custom data processing and feature engineering, to draw specific results from your data. There is also the option to support a wide range of machine learning use-cases with our "bring your own data" (BYOD) feature, enabling you to import any tabular data in order to create models that answer use cases that are unique to your organisation.

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