Who makes SuMo?

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Our team is composed of Salesforce veterans, seasoned sales leaders, behavioural gurus and savvy developers. Together we make Salesforce work smarter. We love designing smart ways to help businesses realise the full potential of their sales team & CRM investment. SuMo enables them to build a clean & healthy pipeline, deliver highly targeted sales coaching & increase sales activity.

Learn how SuMo helps companies like Vodafone get more from their Salesforce investment.

We’ve set out to fix the main problem in Sales

Everyone is guessing

CloudApps injects science into the art of selling by monitoring, coaching & motivating the high-value sales behaviours that lead to more sales. Something we have been doing since 2009.

SuMo helps our customers create a clean & healthy pipeline, turn front-line managers into elite sales coaches & drive the high-value sales behaviours that result in more deals. How? By building a data-driven picture of your users’ behaviours right inside of Salesforce.

Uncover the true behavioural footprint of your sales team and learn the repeatable patterns of success, pinpoint bottlenecks & discover highly targeted coaching opportunities.

Use the full power of SuMo Motivate to promote your scientific approach to selling through coaching, guided selling and even gamification.

SuMo is used by global organisations including UBM, Vodafone, Roche, SIG, G4S, LeasePlan and Qlik.

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