Why did we build our sales effectiveness platform?

At Cloudapps, we believe that Sales Managers are underserved, lacking tools and data insights needed to drive their teams. It’s our mission to change this.

We are a team of Sales and CRM system veterans, led by our Chairman, Dr Steve Garnett (former Chairman of Salesforce EMEA), who have spent time learning CRM and sales behaviours at Oracle, Siebel & Salesforce.

Back in 2009, we recognised that sales success is driven by executing the right sales behaviours at the right time. But CRM technology doesn’t record or drive sales behaviours and as a result, is often perceived to have failed.

We set out on our journey to build a solution that automatically observes and directs best practice sales behaviours. We wanted to surface these observations as insights for Sales Leaders, Sales Operations and Sales Enablement professionals. Allowing them to coach and motivate their teams based on observed sales behaviours (actual behavioural facts gleaned from top performers). In essence, harnessing behavioural science.

We didn’t stop there, recognising that current technology advances could help us further. So we embraced the use of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ by feeding these observed behaviours into the very latest ‘Deep Learning’ algorithms.

This is where it got really interesting because it then allowed us to predict sales outcomes with previously unheard-of levels of accuracy. And to move beyond a single “best practice sales process” to an intelligent guided ‘next best action’ approach that is specific to each deal.

Meaning we can now guide Sales Reps and Managers to perform the most impactful sales actions, in the optimal sequence to win more deals.


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Helping sales managers increase & predict sales results
using behavioural science and 3rd generation A.I.