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Choosing a cloud-based solution such as the Cloudapps revenue intelligence platform takes away many of the headaches associated with traditional system integration. We offer seamless systems and integrations to streamline your business processes. Our out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce ensures secure data access through the industry-standard OAuth mechanism. 

We automate data fetching, registration, and formatting from Salesforce, providing real-time, scheduled, and on-demand access. Our bidirectional integration allows data to be pushed back into Salesforce, keeping both systems in sync. 

In addition, we provide versatile data integration capabilities, enabling you to upload data from any source system using the universal ‘CSV’ file format. 

We adhere to strict industry standards to ensure the highest level of security, so you can trust that your data is always kept safe. Plus, our customer success team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide ongoing technical support.

cloudapps System Integration

Secure integration

Integrating a cloud-based revenue intelligence platform with your CRM requires a high level of security to ensure the protection of your data. At Cloudapps, we are particularly conscious of this, and deliver safe, seamless data integration through OAuth. OAuth and OpenID Connect (OIDC) are both widely used protocols in the context of authentication and authorization. They allow for different systems to communicate and share data with each other, without requiring users to share their login credentials or sensitive information.

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Salesforce secure connection

cloudapps System integration

Benefits of our integration process

Establishing a secure connection between the our platform and your Salesforce CRM with OAuth offers a number of benefits:


  • OAuth provides a secure way for systems to integrate with each other by using a standardised set of rules and permissions.
  • It allows users to sign in once with Salesforce and the revenue intelligence platform, reducing the need for multiple logins and improving the user experience.
  • It is possible to have control over which data is shared between systems, reducing the risk of unauthorised access or data breaches.
  • The use of OAuth eliminates the need for users to share their login credentials with third-party applications, enhancing the overall security of the integration process.
  • It allows for flexible data import options where required, including scheduling and ad hoc on-demand imports, ensuring that data is always up to date.
  • Leveraging OAuth means we can integrate your Salesforce data with the Cloudapps revenue intelligence platform without the need for significant IT resources or expertise from within your organisation.

Employing live data integration in this way allows us to employ a technique called ‘change data capture’. This is a means of listening for changes made within your CRM, recording and analysing the impact of these events, and updating your revenue intelligence data accordingly. And live updates mean your team can act upon new insights, forecasts and recommendations in real time.

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Start forecasting with confidence

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