Clone your best sales reps to create a top performing team

This is where AI-led sales coaching can make a significant difference. The Cloudapps revenue intelligence platform leverages the power of data insights to provide you with a deeper understanding of your team’s sales performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions about how to improve their skills and effectiveness.

It also gives you the ability to identify the most successful sales behaviours of your top sellers and replicate them across the team. By pinpointing the tactics and strategies that lead to the highest conversion rates you’ll be able to coach your team to adopt these behaviours. The Cloudapps platform also helps embed these techniques and behaviours by providing timely nudges and tips, delivered within your CRM interface. Improve your team’s performance from day one with highly personalised, intelligent coaching.

Cloudapps provides the following coaching features;

cloudapps Performance Coaching

Onboarding & best practice nudging

Get new starters onboarded and delivering results quickly and effectively.

  • Automate the onboarding process – provide a seamless induction experience for new sellers, helping them to get up to speed faster and reducing time to high productivity
  • Personalise coaching – identify knowledge gaps and provide tailored learning content, ensuring that sellers receive the training they need to succeed
  • Keep the team on track – AI identifies and automatically suggests the next best action for deal success based on your sales data, ensuring your sellers never take a wrong turn

cloudapps Performance Coaching

Seller behaviour profiling

Analyse and identify individual seller behaviours, strengths, and weaknesses to drive performance improvement.

  • Measure performance objectively – data-driven performance metrics help eliminate any potential bias, providing a fair assessment of a seller’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Deliver tailored coaching – compare sellers’ activity histories and deal outcomes to provide fact-based insight for ongoing performance coaching conversations
  • Proactively address skill gaps – help sellers achieve their goals using tailored coaching and recommendations to improve their results

cloudapps Performance Coaching

Team & individual behaviour comparisons

Easily compare both team and individual member sales performance, to identify potential areas of improvement.

  • Benchmark performance – compare sellers’’ performance against each other to help maintain high quality output over time
  • Identify best practices: find the actions and behaviours that bring the best results and use them as guidance for the whole team to follow
  • Drive team performance and cohesion – encourage healthy competition between team members by sharing results, while also facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing

cloudapps Performance Coaching

Goal setting

Deliver targeted and personalised objectives that drive team success and growth.

  • Set realistic and achievable goals  – use historical data and predictive analytics to create goals your team can actually meet
  • Gain real-time updates on goal progress – adjust tactics and resources in an agile manner to ensure targets are achieved
  • Improve team motivation and accountability – motivate your reps by offering greater visibility of their progress toward target and hold them accountable for results

cloudapps Sales Forecasting

Start forecasting with confidence

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