Consistently hit targets with AI-driven forecasting

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of sales forecasting with AI-driven insights. The Cloudapps Revenue Intelligence platform stands out from other solutions on the market due to its unique Deep-Learning engine. It analyses and learns from your sales data, delivering forecast predictions that can be over 95% accurate. With real-time, unbiased deal scoring and a clear picture of your pipeline health, you can confidently make data-driven forecast decisions, set realistic goals, and identify the sales actions necessary to reach your targets every quarter.

cloudapps Sales Forecasting

Predict end-of-quarter outcomes on day one

Be confident in your forecasts with predictions proven to be over 95% accurate.

  • Improve decision-making – an early prediction on quarter results helps you optimise sales strategy to meet targets
  • Address issues head on – early quarter predictions help identify and proactively address areas of concern, ensuring your team stay on track for success 
  • More effective resource allocation – make sure you have the right resources in place to pursue high potential opportunities and close deals in a timeline manner

cloudapps Sales Forecasting

Pace to meet quotas

Track sales performance in real-time to ensure your team is on course to meet their end of quarter sales quotas.

  • Identify issues early – allowing you to take immediate corrective action before they impact overall sales performance 
  • Improve team motivation – seeing progress towards their goals can improve team performance in order to reach target
  • Maintain momentum – quota pacing creates a culture of accountability as everyone is aware of targets and progress towards them, so efforts remain steady across the period 

cloudapps Sales Forecasting

Roll-up team hierarchies

Gain a comprehensive company-wide view of sales performance and make informed decisions on sales strategy and resource allocation.

  • Streamline reporting – simplify reporting by consolidating individual sales forecasts into a single view
  • Increase visibility – identify and take advantage of high level trends across product/service lines or regions to drive revenue growth across the board
  • Anticipate future demand – ensure your team is correctly resourced and trained to capitalise on emerging sales growth trends across other business units

cloudapps Sales Forecasting

Track changes to pipeline forecasts

Take an agile approach to sales strategy to achieve ongoing sales effectiveness

  • Minimise deal loss: receive early warning signs of issues at deal level, so corrective action can be taken and sales progress maintained 
  • Streamline your sales process – identifying real-time changes in customer behaviour, or sales cycle length help better understand and address pipeline changes  
  • Optimise sales performance: identify top performers or coaching opportunities in your team with pipeline tracking at rep level.

cloudapps Sales Forecasting

Establish war rooms

Develop a collaborative space to monitor and analyse sales data, and make real-time decisions to improve performance and drive revenue growth.

  • Take decisions in real-time – make informed choices quickly to respond to changes in market conditions or sales performance
  • Improve collaboration and trust – work cross-functionally and share ideas, insights and strategies to drive revenue growth 
  • Stay ahead of the competition – working together on real-time insights and agile sales strategies can deliver true competitive advantage

cloudapps Sales Forecasting

Start forecasting with confidence

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