One platform, a multitude of benefits

At every stage of its development, we have baked in innovative features and functionality that are designed to deliver a first class user-experience, whilst also ensuring the highest standards in security, reliability and technical capability.

As the name suggests, the Cloudapps revenue intelligence platform is a cloud-based solution. It has been developed as a single, multi-tenanted platform and is hosted on Amazon’s Web Services Platform (AWS) and is available on Salesforce’s platform as an AppExchange Managed Package. Working with these two leading technology providers has not only afforded us the ability to develop a highly advanced, scalable platform, but it has also allowed us to focus all our efforts on delivering an extremely reliable, robust and secure solution for our customers.

By using our central platform, you’ll benefit from:

  • Quick, easy access – nothing to install, simply log in through your web browser or use single sign on within your Salesforce account to access your tailored interface
  • Low maintenance – we manage all technical aspects of the platform so you’ll have no hardware or software to maintain
  • A scalable solution – We support organisations of all sizes and our platform can grow and evolve in line with your business needs
  • Future-proof technology – We update the platform bi-weekly with the latest developments and features, so you’ll always have access to the most recent version
  • Enterprise level security – our platform conforms to the stringent security requirements of AWS and Salesforce, as well as industry regulations for cloud services and data management
  • A platform you can trust – our team of experienced software and QA engineers rigorously test any new functionality before deploying it on the platform, ensuring the service is available and minimising the risk of bugs.

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