Activity intelligence with a difference

Achieving and maintaining behavioural change within your sales team can be a daunting task, especially when you also need them to influence customer purchasing behaviours in your favour. But with the advanced features of the Cloudapps activity intelligence solution, you can easily establish and reinforce best practices, leading to sustained improvements in sales performance.

Our platform analyses sales activities and provides timely automated prompts based on this information. This enables you to identify and drive the sales actions that positively impact customer purchasing behaviours. By combining this with proven gamification techniques, you can embed new processes, maintain motivation, and position your team for sustainable sales growth. The unique combination of in-depth data insights, automated sales prompts and behavioural change mechanics will transform your sales team into a high-performing, customer-centric force.

With Cloudapps you can achieve:

cloudapps Activity Intelligence

Custom sales behaviour definition & tracking

Use insights from your sales activities to identify successful sales behaviours and monitor their effectiveness in real-time.

  • Shape the sales behaviours that work – activity intelligence helps identify and define the activities and behaviours that have the greatest impact on your sales
  • Track deals in real-time – ensure deals are on track and best practice behaviours are effective, so corrective action can be taken where needed 
  • Monitor successful uptake of new processes – by clearly defining expectations, sales actions and behaviours can be tracked to help ensure everyone is onboard
Custom sales behaviour team
leaderboards team

cloudapps Activity Intelligence


Share team progress in real-time to encourage healthy competition and continued focus on desired sales actions and behaviours.

  • Improve performance –  gamification of the sales process encourages sellers to follow specified actions, thus focusing on the activities that will have the greatest impact on sales
  • Maintain team momentum – sharing team progress against targets in real time helps motivate sellers to strive for excellence
  • Monitor progress – leaderboards provide visibility into individual and team performance, allowing you to track activity, identify top performers and spot areas for improvement

cloudapps Activity Intelligence


Incentivise success to help motivate sales team members, achieve goals, and track progress and results in real-time.  Leverage the competitive spirit of your sales teams to drive higher levels of success.

  • Drive team engagement: competitions help motivate sellers to achieve individual or shared goals, leading to better performance and results
  • Ensure smooth adoption of new systems or processes – encourage update of new platforms or processes by incentivising activity and tracking progress
  • Improve data quality – the more actions your team implement, the more relevant data gets added into your CRM, giving you greater data integrity

cloudapps Activity Intelligence

Track activity on deals

Enrich deal reviews with additional insight and monitor deal activity to identify areas for improvement.

  • Track deal progress – get a comprehensive view of your team’s sales performance at a granular level
  • Identify areas for improvement – use insights to see where your team needs additional support to help improve their skills and effectiveness
  • Improve accountability –  greater visibility of progress encourages sellers to take responsibility for their own actions and progress

cloudapps Sales Forecasting

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