How to create a high performing sales team across the board with Cloudapps

How to create a high performing sales team across the board with Cloudapps

It’s a common issue, sales teams notoriously suffer from high turnover, which can be both challenging and costly to the business from a training and management point of view. Even when you feel you have a great team the reality is that it’s just a handful of star players who are really making a difference to the bottom line.  So, how do you create a high-performing sales team across the board?

We believe there are 2 strategies which can be applied independently or together, depending on your exact situation, to enable to you get everyone to quota.

1. Create more top performers

The top 20% of most sales teams account for more than 50% of all revenue generated. Clearly replicating the winning behaviours of these star performers is one of the quickest ways to boost revenue. Therefore, the greatest opportunity for growth lies in raising standards amongst the middle performers and developing them into top performers.

And whilst it may sound a time-consuming activity, in actual fact it can be fairly straightforward. Using an AI-powered sales intelligence software such as Cloudapps AI within your CRM can not only help you to identify the top behaviours that are driving sales success, in real time, but also enable you to replicate these behaviours across the team, improving productivity, effectiveness and ultimately driving revenue.

It can:

  • Automatically suggest the most impactful next action to take for any deal, to guarantee your reps never take a wrong turn
  • Drive more of your winning sales behaviours, ensuring your whole sales team more effective
  • Deliver highly personalised, intelligent coaching to address skills gaps for every individual in your team

Ultimately, identifying and replicating winning sales behaviours across your team will improve win rates and result in bigger deals.

2. Motivate the team and incentivise success

The second strategy, which is often considered an essential next stage to maintaining momentum is to address team motivation. AI-led gamification techniques based on trusted behavioural science will enable you to ‘nudge’ your reps into religiously following your sales process, making sure the basics are covered every step of the way.

Using competitions, countdowns, and leader boards, gamification taps into salespeople’s competitive instincts to boost productivity, all the while helping to develop a motivated and engaged team. And this in turn leads to greater productivity, reduced staff turnover, and increased revenue.

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