Get Everyone
To Quota With AI Guided Selling

By increasing win rate, average deal size & pipeline volume

Next Step Best Actions & Nudges To Create More Top Performers

Sales reps that receive as little as 3 hours of coaching per month exceed quota by 7%,
increasing revenue by 25% and close rates by 70%
Source: CEB

The top 20% of most sales teams account for greater than 50% of the revenue they generate. The biggest opportunity for growth lies with middle performers.

Replicating the success of your top sales reps in this group would give you a rapid way to significantly boost your revenue. Imagine the impact on your revenue if you could help core performers improve the size & quality of their pipeline and increase their win rate.

Cloudapps have been a leading supplier of gamification software for over a decade, with a solution founded in behavioral science and AI technology, helping organizations identify and promote the best behaviors for sales success. In 2020, Cloudapps launched a new, more powerful AI engine to drive this solution. A deep-learning machine learning AI engine.

What if you could:

Automatically suggest the most impactful next action

Use AI to guarantee your reps never take a wrong turn

Win Rate 1 - Gamification sml

Drive more of your winning sales behaviours

Make your whole sales team more effective

Quota 3 - Coaching plan sml

Deliver highly personalised, intelligent coaching

Address skills gaps for every individual in your team

Imagine if your CRM system could automatically learn from every sales engagement you’ve ever had and use AI to generate ‘next best action’ recommendations for each of your deals.

Through the use of gamification and behavioral science, what if you could nudge your team to religiously follow your sales process, making sure the basics are covered every step of the way?

Better still, imagine having automatically generated coaching insights, allowing you to create personalized coaching plans s that improve rep performance.

Every single one of your reps would reach quota.

On that note.

Sales Coaching should be the priority of any sales manager wanting to help their team meet targets.

Not only does it accelerate sales performance, effective coaching can also increase retention, improve employee engagement and promote a learning culture throughout the business.

In this free guide, we show you the sure-fire ways of creating an effective sales coaching programme that works for every individual of the team by utilising data, understanding behaviours and sidestepping the most common coaching challenges.

Effective sales coaching