Partnership announced between Cloudapps and Ice Blue Sky

Ice Blue Sky, a renowned B2B Marketing and sales agency, and Cloudapps, a leading Predictive AI platform, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration will leverage their expertise to provide AI-based managed services supporting lead generation, ABM, and sales enablement programmes.

The new solution, Blue Cloud AI, combines the Cloudapps AI platform with Ice Blue Sky’s go-to-market programmes and industry knowledge hubs that will deliver:

  • Acceleration of cross-sell and upsell revenue for Enterprises through deep learning AI and predictive algorithms
  • Increased conversion rate from MQL to sale for SaaS providers through best conversion opportunity prediction at scale
  • Acceleration and increased accuracy of Ideal Customer Profiling in ABM through fast, detailed analysis and predictors of success at scale

Charlotte Graham-Cumming, CEO of Ice Blue Sky, explains, “To do ABM and any go-to-market planning well, you need insights, and while external insights are valuable, the ability to analyse past performance and then to able to map that against potential prospects to predict success best is hugely valuable. We’ve seen significant uplifts in revenue from existing customers due to more accurate predictions, which would have taken months to create without AI. We’ve extended this further by looking at previous customer conversions to drive a laser focus to improve new customer conversions for SAAS companies, especially when targeting the SMB space. Cloudapps give us the power to do all this quickly and at scale, giving our customers surety in their marketing and sales outreaches.”

Andy McDonald, CEO of Cloudapps, further elaborates, “Ice Blue Sky’s profound industry knowledge and go-to-market expertise has empowered us to create compelling use cases for marketing, extending our significant successes in sales forecasting. Partnering with Ice Blue Sky opens up fast routes to revenue for our customers, enabling them to expand upon current customers and land new ones through accurate AI targeting. We are thrilled about the potential of this partnership to help customers increase their return on marketing spending, reduce technical resources needed, and give back time to marketing teams. 

If you are interested in learning more about the solution, see the new overview on the Blue Cloud AI website.