Blending experience and new technology: the latest AI gamification platform for sales

Blending experience and new technology: the latest AI gamification platform for sales

Gamification is a tool that has been used for many years to help motivate sales teams and improve sales success. Once just employed by large corporations, it is now being adopted worldwide to encourage sales reps to reach their targets and increase sales.  If you haven’t come across gamification already, then here’s a quick overview.

What is gamification, and what does it mean for your sales team?

Sales gamification involves setting up a series of sales tasks or ‘challenges’ for your reps to complete and encouraging them to compete against each other to gain the best results. Whilst the tasks can be as creative or straightforward as you want to make them, the most effective are those that encourage positive sales behaviours to achieve meaningful outcomes, such as the number of calls made, deals won, or revenue generated.

Competition is an excellent motivator for salespeople, and tapping into their competitive spirit can boost productivity and achieve more positive sales results. There is a scientific explanation of why gamification is so effective; when we accomplish something and are rewarded for it, our brains produce endorphins. These endorphins create a feeling of excitement, which boosts motivation and the desire to continue playing to experiencing that rush. So, when sales reps receive rewards via gamification, they will want to do more to be rewarded again. And the more they do so, the more you will see deals close and revenue increase.

What are the benefits of implementing gamification in sales?

Aside from the obvious motivational and productivity-related benefits, there are many additional advantages of adopting a gamification solution for your sales team, including:

  • More straightforward adoption of new systems or processes – gamification can help encourage uptake of new platforms or ways of working by incentivising activity and promoting acceptance and understanding.
  • Improved data quality – the more actions your team implement, the more up to date, relevant data gets added into your CRM, meaning your data integrity is substantially improved.
  • Better support for new recruits – whilst gamification can encourage your existing team to improve their performance. It can also help new team members understand objectives and guide them in their actions from the outset.
  • A team united around common goals – gamification can help focus goals and ensure that the team is clear on their objectives and their part in reaching targets. Of course, gamification tactics needn’t just be for individuals; there can be team objectives to achieve too.
  • Understanding your team dynamics for optimal efficiency – leader boards and activity trackers help managers to identify individual strengths and enable restructuring to get the best from the team as a whole.

What is the best gamification solution for sales success in 2021?

There are plenty of platforms that offer gamification to improve sales team motivation and success. Selecting technology that provides the motivational aspects and guided selling is a wise choice. It will help reps to follow best practice actions that will maximise their chances of success. Many of these solutions are based on known sales behaviours blended with AI Machine learning, which monitors sales activity and prompts action.

However, in the last year, the next generation of gamification platform has been developed, and it is already transforming the sales activities of some large, well-known organisations.

Cloudapps have been a leading supplier of gamification software for over a decade, with a solution founded in behavioural science and AI technology, helping organisations identify and promote the best behaviours for sales success. In 2020, Cloudapps launched a new, more powerful AI engine to drive this solution. A deep-learning machine learning AI engine.

In brief, deep learning is a far more advanced form of AI machine learning. It can be described as the ability of a machine to replicate human-like capabilities such as learning, rationalising, creativity and planning, perceiving an environment, dealing with what it observes, and solving problems to achieve a specific goal. It can digest millions of data records and apply human-like logic to identify customer data patterns, successful behaviours and sales solutions that might otherwise remain undiscovered. It is not restricted by any preconceived ideas and influences like traditional AI, and can start with minimal data to begin learning and generating valuable outputs. And the more time-sequenced data you can give it, the greater the accuracy of the results.

What are the benefits of combining deep-learning AI with gamification?

As the UK’s only provider of deep-learning machine learning AI for CRM, the Cloudapps platform super-charges gamification beyond the capabilities of any other platform on the market. Combining extensive experience in motivational gamification with this new, more powerful AI engine brings:

  • Identification and promotion of the right sales behaviours – motivating a team to take action will improve productivity, but getting the team to take actions founded on tailored, company-specific data insights rather than a set of behavioural assumptions will impact sales and improve ROI.
  • Time-specific guided selling – deep learning AI is unique in its ability to analyse and apply time-sequenced data, allowing it to identify the best actions to take as well as when they should be taken to achieve optimum results.
  • Reduction of overheads – with such a sophisticated, prompted sales system and gamification platform, it is possible to recruit junior team members and train them quickly and effectively, saving cost on senior-level salaries without compromising sales output or quality.

Greater accuracy to forecasting – deep-learning machine learning continually learns and adapts to your organisation’s situation and customer behaviour, the more you know about your customers the greater accuracy to your forecasts – up to 95% accuracy in fact.

Find Out More

If you want to futureproof your gamification solution and stay one step ahead of the competition, it is worth taking a closer look at the Cloudapps AI platform and what it can offer your organisation. To find out more or to book a demonstration, visit

About Cloudapps deep learning AI

Cloudapps is the first and only provider of ‘Deep Learning’ powered AI in the CRM sector.

It offers a powerful sales development tool that can not only improve sales effectiveness in the here and now, but also continuously learn as the market develops – enabling organisations to futureproof their sales and CRM activities for whatever lies ahead.

The Cloudapps AI engine is unique in its ability to generate forecasts that are over 95% accurate. This accuracy comes from;

Learning from rich behavioural data: It generates a rich data audit trail for every deal based on high-value sales behaviours, not simply sales activity, and the more data you feed it, the greater the accuracy.

Uncovering insights from the deal journey:  The data picture it builds is time-sequenced, recording not just which sales behaviour happened but crucially when.

Using the latest innovation: Not all AI is as smart. The Cloudapps AI engine uses the very latest ‘Deep Learning’ algorithms that significantly outperform traditional AI.

Cloudapps Deep Learning AI engine powers our current customers to achieve results that include:

  • 95% forecast accuracy
  • 60% more selling time
  • 20% increase in win rate

If you would like to understand how our technology could enhance the work of your data scientist and bring new insights to your sales function, contact us today.