Motivate consistent participation and
longterm sales engagement.

Gamification techniques, such as competitions and leaderboards, are proven to tap into salespeople’s competitive instincts, improving team motivation and boosting productivity. 

Keeping motivation high in your sales team is the key to high productivity, but isn’t always easy to achieve this across the board. Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness links seamlessly with your CRM platform and uses game mechanics such as competitions, leaderboards, awards, and trophies to increase motivation and drive productivity. Founded in behavioral science and using the latest Nudge Theory, and prompts your team to take the sales actions that matter, helping the whole team reach quota month after month.

Whilst the tasks can be as creative or straightforward as you want to make them, the most effective are those that encourage positive sales behaviors to achieve meaningful outcomes, such as the number of calls made, deals won, or revenue generated.

Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness Gamification solution can also enable:

Smooth adoption of new systems or processes

Smooth adoption of new systems or processes

Encourage uptake of new platforms or processes by incentivising activity and promoting acceptance

Win Rate 1 - Gamification

Improved data quality

The more actions your team implement, the more relevant data gets added into your CRM, improving data integrity

Quota 3 - Coaching plan

Better support for new recruits

Gamification can help new team members understand objectives and guide them in their actions from the outset

Smooth adoption of new systems or processes

A team united around common goals

Gamification helps focus goals and ensure that the team is clear on their objectives and their part in reaching targets

Clarion Events increased their win rate by 20% and average deal size by 19% by deploying CloudApps.

Clarion Events

Why Gamification?

Competition is an excellent motivator for salespeople, and tapping into their competitive spirit can boost productivity and achieve more positive sales results. There is a scientific explanation of why gamification is so effective; when we accomplish something and are rewarded for it, our brains produce endorphins. These endorphins create a feeling of excitement, which boosts motivation and the desire to continue playing to experiencing that rush. So, when sales reps receive rewards via gamification, they will want to do more to be rewarded again. And the more they do so, the more you will see deals close and revenue increase.

Cloudapps’s gamification platform draws on over a decade of sales behavioral experience combined with nudge theory, which will get your team performing the sales actions that actually bring results. It works across multiple CRM platforms including Salesforce, where it integrates seamlessly with existing functionality. Cloudapps’s cloud-based system means it is ideally suited to both office-based and remote team members, offering the security you would expect from a first-class gamification solution.

From a team management point of view, the clear reporting system makes it easy for leaders to understand team dynamics for optimal efficiency – leader boards and activity trackers help managers to identify individual strengths and enable restructuring or targeted coaching to get the best from the team as a whole.

Taking gamification to the next level

Cloudapps have been a leading supplier of gamification software for over a decade, with a solution founded in behavioural science and AI technology, helping organisations identify and promote the best behaviours for sales success. In 2020, Cloudapps launched a new, more powerful AI engine to drive this solution. A deep-learning, machine learning AI platform called Sensai.

As the UK’s only provider of deep-learning machine learning AI for CRM, the Cloudapps Sensai platform super-charges gamification beyond the capabilities of any other platform on the market. Combining extensive experience in motivational gamification with this new, more powerful AI engine brings:

  • Identification and promotion of the right sales behaviours

Motivating a team to take action will improve productivity, but getting the team to take actions founded on tailored, company-specific data insights rather than a set of behavioural assumptions will impact sales and improve ROI.

  • Time-specific sales actions

Deep learning AI is unique in its ability to analyse and apply time-sequenced data, allowing it to identify the best actions to take as well as when they should be taken to achieve optimum results. Add this to your gamification platform, and the results will speak for themselves. 

  • Reduction of overheads 

With such a sophisticated, prompted sales system and gamification platform, it is possible to recruit junior team members and train them quickly and effectively, saving expenditure on senior-level salaries without compromising sales output or quality.

  • Greater accuracy to forecasting

Deep learning machine learning AI continually learns and adapts to your organisation’s situation and customer behaviour, the more you know about your customers, the greater accuracy to your forecasts – up to 95% accuracy in fact. 

If you want to futureproof your gamification solution and stay one step ahead of the competition, it is worth taking a closer look at the Cloudapps Complete AI Sales Solution and what it can offer your organisation.

Cloudapps’ gamification solution brings amazing results to Qlik.

In this video case study Ian Turner, Hub Director at Qlik, explains how they achieved improved data accuracy, team motivation, and productivity with the Cloudapps Gamification Platform that has had an impressive impact on sales.

On that note.

Your sellers are the face of your business. They are the first point of contact and the go-to people for your prospects and customers.

It’s paramount that you build a strong sales team that can accurately represent your organisation’s goals and values in every interaction they have with your buyers.

Check out what some of the industry’s leaders believe makes an effective sales team in this guide.

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