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UBM Case Study

Company Profile:

UBM plc is a global business-to-business (B2B) events organiser headquartered in London, United Kingdom. UBM organises over 300 market-leading B2B events each year, creating memorable experiences for thousands of like-minded people.

UBM counts with over 3,750 passionate employees and operates in over 20 countries.

Business Objective

As new users of Salesforce, UBM were focussed on getting their sales team to quickly adopt their chosen CRM system (Salesforce) and fully engage with their newly refined sales process.

This was a two-stage approach. Firstly, having put the CRM system in place, UBM wanted to track and learn exactly how the sales team was using it. They sought a system that would grant them insight into the sales behaviours that their team exhibited and whether or not they were following best practices.

Secondly, having learnt how the system was being used, it allowed UBM to focus on motivating more of the key sales behaviours. It was very important for UBM that their sales reps saw the benefits available to them through appropriate use of Salesforce but also, to create a fun and engaging environment where reps could learn, engage and thrive.

Project Details

Focus Group: UK B2B Sales Team

Number of Users: 120 Users

Project Objective: To deliver detailed ‘Sales Performance Insight’ (by silently tracking 42 sales behaviours across 10 business areas) and to subsequently drive more of the ‘winning’ sales behaviours (by placing 14 of the high-value sales behaviours into a motivational competition)


After just a few weeks of active competition, UBM started to gather impressive results. Having drawn guidelines at the 100% attainment points for both revenue and sales behaviours, they learnt that:

Their largest grouping of sales reps all displayed over 100% of the expected sales behaviours and they all exceeded their revenue target.

Learn how UBM tied sales behaviours to revenue outcomes to drive increased sales success by downloading the full case study.

Download UBM Case Study