Should You Trust Your Current Pipeline Figure?

The Sales Challenge

Sales forecasting is a science, not an art. And science is all about data.

  • If your deal data is poor quality, your pipeline will be wrong.
  • If the data in your CRM system is incomplete, your pipeline will be wrong.
  • If people don’t bother to enter the right details, your pipeline will be wrong.

And if your pipeline is wrong then you can’t predict actual revenues, efficiently allocate resources, or plan for future growth.

With SuMo, your reps can focus on working the deals that will actually generate revenue.

Achieving More

An accurate pipeline is a clean and healthy pipeline. But what if the deals in the final stages of your traditional sales funnel aren’t healthy at all? What if they have a poor chance of closing because they are based on recorded ‘sales activity’ not real ‘sales behaviours’?

Sales activities are simple actions undertaken by a rep, regardless of whether they influence a deal. e.g. The number of calls placed per day. If the majority of these calls end up with an answering machine then the rep won’t hit his or her targets.

If reps aren’t hitting targets there is a much lower chance of your pipeline becoming banked revenue.

Sales behaviours are the factors that directly improve or undermine sales performance. Winning sales behaviours drive success. e.g. Your rep places a call lasting more than 10 minutes to a senior decision-maker. And it was the rep’s such call that day.

Tracking these behaviours will tell you the quality of deals and whether they will become banked revenue.

sales pipeline with SuMo

The Impact

According to CFO Magazine, 80% of sales organisations regularly miss their forecast – despite sales reps and managers alike spending half a day a week on it.

But with a richer, data-driven view of all sales behaviours and the overall health of your deals you can establish a true picture of your pipeline.

CRM systems alone cannot monitor and motivate sales behaviours. SuMo can.

Schedule a call and we’ll show you how.

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