Company Profile: Founded in 2010, Tquila, now part of Accenture, was a leading independent Salesforce consulting service provider based in the UK. Its more than 100 Salesforce skilled staff delivered cloud solutions powered by the Salesforce1 Platform.

Back in 2013, CloudApps joined forces with Tquila, Europe’s largest provider of certified expertise. The partnership would provide unrivaled support for businesses setting out to maximise their CRM return on investment.

SuMo’s insight and capability to nudge user behaviour towards the desired path of success was cleverly added to Tquila’s pool of Salesforce experts, creating a service that offered users the ability to increase the effectiveness of CRM adoption and enable customers to truly engage their sales teams.

Tquila has already built a large client base from its extensive expertise in and is the heart of ensuring companies make the most of their investment in the platform.

By adding SuMo Motivate to its portfolio it extends this capability to drive CRM adoption by modelling the behaviour of the best sales and marketing professionals to create the gold standard and align employee personal ambitions with company objectives, tackling the high cost of the current low levels of adoption so that the use of CRM becomes an habitual practice rather than a dreaded tasked forced by management.