SIG laid the foundation for sales acceleration by deploying SuMo Motivate to its 1000 strong sales team and managers.

A leading distributor of specialist building products in Europe, SIG achieved some incredible early results. Since deploying Motivate, SIG experienced:

  1. 60% increase in new Opportunity – stronger, healthier pipeline and improved forecast accuracy
  2. 4% increase in “Closed Won” Rate– rapid improvement in opportunity closure rate
  3. 19% increase in Opportunity Activity – positive impact on the opportunity conversion rate
  4. 50% faster Activity closure rate – more high value sales activities, closed faster, delivered accelerated deal closure


SIG Case Study

SIG launched the project during their annual UK Sales Conference to their sales team with the aim of increasing sales efficiency by eliminating wasted selling time and increasing sales effectiveness by ramping sales activity.

Following the initial phase of the project, Richard Vidler, UK Construction Development Manager at SIG commented:

“The benefit we are seeing from the deployment of SuMo Motivate across our sales teams is an increase of adoption of salesforce that has led to an acceleration of our sales opportunities. Furthermore, we are encouraging collaboration throughout all our business streams, so our sales teams are now sharing valuable intelligence on key projects. This helps us deliver better solutions to the customer, setting us apart from our competition.

To measure the success of this project, we have monitored our key metrics in baseline prior to the launch, giving us a clear picture of the impact SuMo Motivate is having on our team. For example, we have already seen an improvement in customer awareness, an increase in the accuracy of customer records and an acceleration of cross-selling and project based opportunities.”


Interested to learn more about the challenges faced by SIG and how they successfully deployed SuMo to overcome them?



Check out the video SIG used to launch SuMo and drive sales acceleration across the business.

(Kindly shared by permission of SIG)

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