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Shift from CRM Adoption

to CRM Addiction

SuMo Motivate uses CRM game mechanics to motivate employees best-practice use of your CRM investment, keeping them engaged and focused.


We gamify to enhance user experience, assist with training and lighten-up the process of inputting necessary data, making it fun and manageable for the entire team.

SuMo ensures employees are well aligned to the business goals and accelerates sales, marketing and customer service success.

What can it do for you…?

SuMo for Salesforce motivates action by delivering in-line prompts in real-time, creating:

CRM Adoption
  • Increased CRM adoption & engagement
  • Best practice use of CRM
  • Greatly improved data quality
  • Real-time insight into user performance & coaching

How does it work…?

Baseline Performance. SuMo for Salesforce can be run in the background, invisible to the users, allowing you to create a baseline from which you can accurately measure progress.

Motivate any behaviour. Deliver highly targeted in-line action prompts across sales, service, marketing, community portals and your custom apps.

Keep it fresh. The creation of one-off competitions in addition to a perpetual levelling system allows you to keep user engagement levels high.

Social & Mobile. Automatically reward for increased collaboration & communicate achievements through Chatter. SuMo mobile & Salesforce1 means SuMo is always on!

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