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Setting Sales Goals that Motivate Sales

Avoid the mistake of rewarding only for the outcome

Modern sales leaders focus on setting sales goals that span the entire sales process.

Accelerate sales performance

Anybody in charge of running sales teams knows just how important it is to have a clear view of sales activity in order to deliver an accurate sales forecast. Often times, however, our ability to forecast with any degree of confidence is hindered by blank meeting notes, no clear or discernible next steps, disproportionate deal values or worse still, radio silence in your supporting CRM system.


Journey-Based Sales Incentives that Boost Performance

Setting Sales Goals

Reward across the whole sales journey

Every business has its own unique sales process and what’s more, every sales rep has their own style and approach, the trick is to guarantee that the whole team is pushing in the same direction and with the same degree of urgency.

The first challenge is setting sales goals that are both clear and obtainable. Targets that allow your teams to achieve and your business goals to be met.

This is where it is critical to avoid the common mistake of rewarding only for the outcome (i.e. large commission payments for closing a deal); focus instead on setting sales goals that span your entire sales process and motivate your sales teams to achieve small steps on a daily basis.

By deploying SuMo to silently monitor and track the sales behaviours that deliver success from within Salesforce, you’ll quickly be able to work out the golden formula that defines your “winning way”. SuMo then accelerates your sales success by motivating everyone to follow this “winning way”.

By setting sales goals that span your entire sales process from initial lead to closed business, you can rapidly motivate a dramatic shift in sales success across your whole team.

SuMo Motivate allows you to break down your optimal sales process into manageable milestones, guiding your sales team and prompting them to follow best practices for each and every deal. SuMo enhances sales productivity and efficiency, reinforces your “winning way” and ensures your work force is working as a stronger team.

Avoid the common mistake of rewarding only for the outcome and inspire your sales teams to achieve daily by setting sales goals across the entire sales process. Goals they can clearly identify with and milestones they can successfully attain by using SuMo Motivate.

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