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Sales Team Motivation

As a sales manager, sales team motivation should occupy a very high position on your priority list.

Creating an inspiring workplace is important in all sections of a business, but taking into account the pressures and targets salespeople are under, it’s this group that often deserves the most attention.

Your sales motivation strategy should be aligned to your sales force needs. It should trigger at the exact point enthusiasm levels are dropping, activities are slowing down and customer or employee attrition starts to spike.

As with anything, maintaining momentum is all about timing. But how can you be really sure when to deploy your best tactics, or better still, which areas of the business are actually in danger of being neglected by a team that’s starting to disengage?

Enter, SuMo Motivate, a native plug-in for salesforce.com CRM that quietly tracks the use of your Salesforce investment, helping you to understand where your reps are spending their time, what activities generate the biggest and surest revenue and where coaching is needed to guarantee your team are successful and meet their targets, every time.

More than just tracking progress and giving you the insight you need to guide your team towards the right path, SuMo Motivate deploys engaging game mechanics that align your sales process with manageable milestones and attainable achievements to nudge your users towards your ‘winning way’.

Your sales force motivation levels will spike thanks to this dynamic and easy-to-use tool that has been proven to result in greater chance of successful outcomes, acceleration of deals and increased deal values for many global organisations.

If your sales team motivation levels are making you lose sleep, give the team at CloudApps a call and discover how data analysis and game mechanics are helping businesses worldwide design their own winning strategies.


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Sales Team Motivation

What can SuMo do for you?

SuMo is a sales performance management app built 100% on Salesforce. SuMo plugs right into your CRM, allowing you to gain:

  • Sales Performance Insight – Manage your teams using ‘leading sales indicators’
  • Motivate Sales Action – Drive the sales behaviours that lead to more closed deals
  • Coach Sales Excellence – Turn every front-line sales manager into an elite sales coach

delivering you a clean & healthy pipeline stacked full of *real* deals & peace of mind that you will always hit your forecast.

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