Sales behaviours drive revenue attainment

Sales Performance Profiles

Most of us think of selling as “a people game” or “an art”. The reality is of course very different. There is a science to selling. And with any science, there is a clear process that needs to be followed in order to arrive at the desired outcome.

A strong example of this has been demonstrated by one of our customers. UBM mapped the attainment of a “sales behaviour” target against “revenue” attainment. The results make for interesting viewing.

UBM matches sales behaviour attainment to revenue attainment

Having deployed SuMo and subsequently mapped 100% attainment for both revenue and sales behaviours, UBM learnt that there were actually four distinct groups of sales performance profiles:


The large group of sales reps represented in the top right quadrant (shown above) all displayed over 100% of the expected 5-a-day sales behaviours. They also all exceeded their revenue target. These are the top performers that should be closely monitored in order to learn from their best practice sales behaviours.


A small number of UBM reps over-achieved on their 5-a-day sales behaviour target, so it was clear they were exhibiting the right sales behaviours and following the sales process. However this group fell just short of their revenue target. Represented by the heart shape in the bottom right quadrant, UBM realised this handful of reps needed a little extra coaching to make it across the line. In the old world, this group would have been lumped in with the “Strugglers” and wrongly treated as such.


The reps shown in the bottom left quadrant did not achieve on their 5-a-day target. And it was no surprise that they also did not achieve their revenue target. UBM saw this quadrant as the group that required the most coaching attention.


The final quadrant (top left) was dubbed as the Unicorn Rep by UBM; as for them they simply did not exist. These are the reps that magically manage to achieve their revenue target yet they do not achieve their sales behaviour target. If this group does exist for you, the “Mavericks” represent another, slightly different, coaching opportunity. Yes, this wayward set may be hitting their revenue target but they are not following your sales process. This group are potentially delivering unhealthy client relationships that may cost you further down the line. Previously this group would have fallen into the “Winners” category and treated as such. However, this group really do require urgent attention if they exist for you.

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