What Are Top Sellers Doing That Others Aren’t?

Going Beyond ‘One-Size-Fits-All’

Some salespeople are really good at what they do. So good in fact that they outshine everyone else. These are the ones in the bottom right of the bell curve of sales performance.

So the natural thought is, “How do we get more people to act like our top sellers?”

You might be tempted to create standardised sales enablement, on-boarding, or training regime. But this ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach won’t recognise how not all reps need (or want) to be trained in the same way.

What if you could tailor sales coaching to the individual?

With SuMo, you can improve win rates and the probability that pipeline becomes banked revenue.

Tracking Sales Behaviours

Instead of relying on a few top performers to hit your targets, you can ensure the whole team contributes. To do this means knowing the high-value sales behaviours that are driving successful outcomes. That way you can build a picture of where each rep needs the most help.

There is a huge array of sales behaviours you can track. For example, those reps that always update their deal next steps with a meaningful description. Or those that never allow a deal to remain in a single sales stage for more than 30 days.

Being able to track such measures means you can reward people for what they do throughout the whole sales cycle, not just at the end. This will motivate people who might be full of verve at the start but drop off later on. And if you could track the careless behaviours – such as reps that constantly amend the deal close date – you can help them change.

‘Moving the Middle’

Using an insight-driven and gamified approach you can motivate individual low or average performers to improve. In effect, you will ‘move the middle’ of your sales performance bell curve and shift people towards hitting their targets.

Innovative Sales Leaders Turn to New Sales Coaching Techniques to Scale Sales Success

The results of a study by the Sales Executive Council shows that a 5% performance increase across the core team yields over 70% more revenue. (Compared to a 5% shift in top performers’ productivity.)

SuMo gives you a faster way to achieve these results by providing the detailed behavioural insights you need to personalise your sales coaching. And we can do it for your whole organisation, not just one team. Imagine the impact.

Schedule a call and we’ll show you how.

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