Sales Insights.

CRM systems only record ‘point-in-time’ information or over-simplistic ‘activity’ history, which is precisely the reason we struggle to understand true deal health.

What if you could uncover the path taken by your top reps, such that you could identify gaps in lower performers and drive everyone to success?

Imagine if, at a glance, you could see the health of a deal, without relying on the word of the team working on it.

This is the level of insight you get with Cloudapps:


Expose deal health

Based on performing the right behaviours at the right time

Quota 3 - Coaching plan

Observe rep behaviours

Based on adherence to your ‘winning way’ sales process

Win Rate 1 - Gamification

Uncover points of friction

Based on sub-optimal sales process steps and observations

Win Rate 1 - Gamification

Repeatedly deliver against targets

Based on accurate sales intelligence and predictions

Insight like this is the first step to building an unbeatable sales team that meets your targets every single time. The Cloudapps solution will help you build confidence in your deals, understand your team’s weak spots, assess the strength of your sales process, and consistently deliver on targets.

Understanding deal health leads to greater forecast accuracy

The Cloudapps Platform provides two alternative methods to qualify deal health. The first uses the latest developments in AI and machine learning to evaluate individual deal health, the second tracks adherence to your prescribed winning way.

1. AI driven deal predictions

The Cloudapps AI engine individually assesses each opportunity by tapping into the wealth of available insights from past deals, enabling it to predict the most likely outcome.

The results are predictions that go beyond the typical ‘one-size-fits-all’ sales process approach, recognising that not all prospects and deal paths are the same. It will tell you not only if a deal will close but also when it will close and for how much.

2. Adherence to your ‘Winning Way’

Automatically score each deal based on its adherence to your sales process and the behaviours performed by your team.

Our rules engine automatically analyses these behavioural insights and generates a prediction score. One that shows the true health of the deal and acts as an indicator of how likely it is to close.

No matter what Sales Methodology you follow (for example Miller Heiman, TAS, SPIN or MEDDIC) – Cloudapps offers the opportunity to codify and scientifically track adherence to your process.

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On that note.

Your sellers are the face of your business. They are the first point of contact and the go-to people for your prospects and customers.

It’s paramount that you build a strong sales team that can accurately represent your organisation’s goals and values in every interaction they have with your buyers.

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