Sales Gamification

Drive The Winning Behaviours That Lead to Sales Success

SuMo Motivate uses ‘sales gamification’ to drive more sales by motivating more of your winning sales behaviours.

SuMo will:

  1. Benchmark ‘sales excellence’ (learns what ‘good’ looks like)
  2. Coach every rep to be a top performer (motivates every rep to follow ‘good’)
  3. Expose the true health of every deal (providing an early warning system of deal health)

SuMo Motivate uses sales gamification techniques to increase sales by motivating more of your high-value ‘winning’ sales behaviours. By delivering intelligent coaching prompts, SuMo guides your reps to follow sales best practice.

SuMo is 100% Native & Lightning Ready, making it a seamless user experience. Sales coaching tips are delivered to reps as they work, motivating them to act, rewarding them when they do.

Engage your team with game mechanics that include competitions, levels, badges, rewards & leaderboards and watch sales soar.

SuMo ensures reps are well aligned to your business goals and accelerates their sales performance.


The 5 Core Tenets of Highly Engaging Gamification

Sales Gamification

What can SuMo do for you?

SuMo delivers:

  1. A clean & healthy pipeline
  2. A smarter, fitter sales team that follows your clearly defined and repeatable path to success
  3. Peace of mind that you will always hit your forecast

All of which will contribute to a sustained increase in sales performance.

SuMo accelerates success across the core middle ground of your team. We call this “moving the middle” and it’s the fastest way to increase your team’s sales performance.

Real-time sales coaching

SuMo delivers intelligent coaching prompts that motivate users to perform more of the high-value sales behaviours that accelerate success. For every rep & every deal, SuMo delivers real-time guided selling and targeted sales coaching.

Leading KPI health & prediction

SuMo tracks the health of your sales process KPIs. Using the power of machine learning, SuMo predicts outcomes, such as deal closure. Improve your forecast accuracy with SuMo Predict.

Sales process performance tuning

SuMo tracks the habits exhibited by your top performers. Armed with this insight, you can rapidly uncover & tune your “Winning Way”. Optimise your sales process based on the behaviours of your top performers.

Sales gamification built 100% on the Salesforce platform

Being built natively on Salesforce is incredibly important and here’s why!

  • SuMo is secure & private, ensuring that no data ever leaves your system
  • Being native, SuMo is fast to get up & running, allowing you to motivate success, faster
  • SuMo works seamlessly with Salesforce making it easy to use and fast to configure
  • SuMo extends to every part of your sales process

Did you know that, a 5% shift in the performance of your middle-ground sales performers can yield over 70% more revenuewhen compared to a 5% shift in the top-performers productivity? Welcome to SuMo Motivate for Sales – the ‘sales gamification’ platform.

Start increasing the performance of your sales team today!

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that there are many ways to increase sales performance!

There are many more secrets to getting the most from your existing sales team. If you’re hungry for a little more sales gamification inspiration, we’ve got this handy guide to using gamification to boost sales performance.

Alternatively, fill out the form above to get your free copy of our white paper – ‘The 5 core tenets of highly engaging gamification’.

About SuMo

SuMo increases sales performance by monitoring & coaching the high-value sales behaviours that deliver sales success.

What will SuMo deliver for me?

  • a clean & healthy sales pipeline
  • improved forecast accuracy
  • accelerated sales performance

SuMo is in use by blue-chip organisations globally such as UBM, Vodafone, Roche, SIGG4S,  and Qlik.