Sales Leaders Lack the Time to Coach

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In the ‘good old days’ of sales, buyers would engage with a rep right at the start of their buying journey. The rep would then be able to steer the conversation and put to work their well-honed sales techniques.

But this is no longer the case. In fact, according to Google and CEB, B2B customers reported being nearly 60% through the sales process before engaging a rep.

sales coaching

So your sales reps need to be ready to understand where they fit into the buyer’s thinking and the problem he or she is trying to solve. In simple terms, the rep now needs to be more of a solution consultant.

This is where your sales leaders come in.

With SuMo, all sales reps can be coached towards bigger and better deals that lead to higher revenue.

Achieving More

Modern sales leaders know they can’t coach more out of their top sellers. However, core performers still have significant scope to contribute more. According to the CEB, reps that receive just three hours of coaching per month exceed their goals by 7%. This boosts revenue by 25% and increases the close rate by 70%.

By using data about the complex sales behaviours that determine top sales performance, your sales leaders can improve others. But there is a problem. If your sales leaders are too wrapped up with manual admin tasks, how will they find the time to analyse the data? Let alone action the insights it gives them and become effective sales coaches.

Finding Time

Sales leaders need to know what winning sales behaviours look like. Say, rapid lead follow-ups, qualified within 12 hours. They also need to be able to spot ‘careless’ sales behaviours. Like when the next sales step has lapsed numerous times.

They need insights that CRM systems cannot give them. And they need those insights to be presented to them automatically. Instead of having to waste time figuring out what’s working well and what’s not.

That’s where SuMo comes in. Sales leaders can see the high-value sales behaviours they need to coach into their teams. The Behaviour Observation Engine and AI remove manual sales admin so they have more time to coach. Ultimately, they can step in, make a difference to reps and improve overall sales performance.

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