We’re Ready for Salesforce World Tour London 19

It’s that time of year again…

We’re thrilled to announce that CloudApps will once again be strutting its stuff at Salesforce World Tour on May 23rd at ExCeL London.

The Californian cloud-based software company is back on the road, bringing together the trailblazers disrupting industries, shaping the future and transforming the world around us.

And this year, there’s an even bigger focus on the customer experience than ever before.

Amongst the many innovations from the last year, Salesforce is highlighting two main solutions – Salesforce Customer 360 and Einstein Voice – that are set to create a complete view of the customer, using intelligence to better connect and work with them.

This year’s keynote speakers are some of the best minds in customer experience from across the UK.  So far, the line-up counts with Salesforce’s Paul Smith, Pink’s Christopher Zanardi-Landi and Salesforce Supermum’s Heather Black. We can’t wait to hear their stories and predictions for the year ahead.


Salesforce World Tour London Speakers


What CloudApps Is Bringing To The Salesforce World Tour Table

One-size-fits-all selling is outdated.

So this year, we’re presenting a solution that coaches reps to follow the most successful sales sequence for each specific deal. No matter how complex.

By uncovering and motivating high-value behaviours, CloudApps customers are turning their reps into superhuman sales performers and their managers into data-driven sales coaches.


CloudApps team at Salesforce World TourCloudApps team at Salesforce World Tour 17


There’s been a huge shift in the way consumers purchase in recent years. Buyers are said to be typically 60% through their decision-making process before ever talking to a sales rep.

So, we asked ourselves, how is it that we’re still insisting on following a sales journey that is based on tired best practices and gut-feel?

The journey we travel with our prospects is hardly ever linear. This is why we’ve been working really hard to create a sales performance tool that guides reps to perform each sales behaviour in the sequence that will have the highest impact on a deal.  No matter what that particular sales journey looks like.

This is AI guided selling that is unique to each opportunity, cognisant of the behaviours already performed, the responses of the prospect and the skills of the rep.

It’s Sales in a way that’s never been done before and it’s having a direct impact on our customer’s addressable revenue.


SuMo sales coaching that works


This actionable insight has the power to influence the three main factors that impact revenue – namely, Win Rate, Deal Size and Deal Volume.

By utilising the power of the app,  our customers are seeing:

– A 20% increase in closed opportunities

– A 60% decrease in lost opportunities

– An 11% increase in weekly pipeline


The Big News

CloudApps is challenging the standard sales process with two tools that bring augmented intelligence to Salesforce.

The first is our flagship sales performance tool, SuMo, which creates a clearer picture of the sales pipeline, uses nudges and gamification to turn the entire sales force into high-performing sellers and provides the tools necessary to coach reps at scale.

And the second…?

It’s called Sensai, and you’ll have to visit our booth to see it!

Come and discover how SuMo and Sensai help businesses close more deals.

Join us in London on 23rd May, and access the best speakers, hands-on sessions, keynotes, networking, and more.

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