There’s a science
to winning

Why leave it to chance?

Sales improvement you can measure

As avid users of Salesforce CRM ourselves, we know first-hand the amazing results it can deliver. But, as sales experts, we also realise the gaps in the system. We built SuMo to help Salesforce users get the most from their investment.

Your job is to sell. Our job is to help you do it better. Meet the platform helping customers gain sales performance insight, offer personalised coaching and better incentivise their sales teams. And all from right within the Salesforce platform.


  • SuMo Insight
  • Benchmark ‘sales excellence’ by learning what makes top performers successful
  • Predict the true health of every deal by uncovering your organisation’s ‘leading KPIs’
  • Streamline your sales process by promoting high-value behaviours and eliminating careless ones


  • SuMo Coach
  • Design personalised Coaching Plans to deliver on sales targets
  • Accomplish behavioural change by setting objectives inside and outside of Salesforce
  • Evaluate attainment of leading KPIs and spotlight areas for improvement


  • SuMo Motivate
  • Motivate the high-value sales behaviours that lead to more closed deals
  • Engage your sales team and increase their activity cadence through tailored competitions and gamification
  • Inspire greater achievement by broadcasting success through live TV leaderboards

Opportunity Insight & Predict

Create a clean & healthy pipeline

Track and record your team’s progress against ‘leading sales indicators’. Bring a clear focus to the sales behaviours that have the biggest impact & eliminate the careless behaviours that are slowing you down.

Sales Performance Insight


the winning habits of top performers


deal health & outcomes in advance


the careless behaviours that slow you down


your sales process & remove friction

Get started today and gain rapid insight into the true health of your sales pipeline and performance of your team.

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People Insight & Coach

Turn every manager into an elite coach

Provide highly tailored sales coaching based on a data-driven picture of individual rep performance against both positive & careless sales behaviours.

Real-time Sales Coaching


a data-driven profile of rep performance over time


more of the high-value behaviours that lead to sales success


automatic coaching prompts that drive deals forwards


rep performance and uncover your team’s true  engagement levels

Help your sales managers unlock the latent revenue potential from your existing sales team by deploying SuMo to coach, mentor & develop your reps through the sales journey.

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SuMo Motivate

Drive the behaviours that win deals

Rapidly create competitions that increase achievement against your leading sales metrics. Compare the results to a pre-competition baseline allowing you to measure the advances being made.

Increase Sales Cadence


the sales behaviours that lead to more deals


greater achievement with TV leaderboards


an increase in sales activity cadence


into your teams’ competitive nature

SuMo Motivate drives the winning sales behaviours that lead to more deals. Fast to get started, SuMo will see your sales performance quickly soar.

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SuMo is 100% Native to Salesforce

So you can be sure your data is in safe hands

100% Native to Salesforce

No data ever leaves your Salesforce CRM system


Works for any size of sales team, big or small


The same level of performance & availability as Salesforce

Easy to Use

A user experience your team already knows & loves

Fast to Start

Simple to configure & rapid to implement

Running exclusively on Salesforce provides you with the highest levels of data security and performance


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