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There’s a Science to Winning

Why Leave it to Chance?

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Meet SuMo – The Sales Acceleration Platform

Gain Sales Performance Insight & Motivate Sales Success

SuMo Motivate - Motivate Sales

SuMo Insight

  • Monitor adherence to your sales process & pipeline metrics

  • Benchmark ‘sales excellence’ based on top performers

  • Predict if deals will close based on the behaviours exhibited by your team

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SuMo Motivate - Motivate Sales & Win More

SuMo Motivate

  • Motivate sales reps to diligently follow your sales process

  • Engage your team by rewarding high-value sales behaviours

  • Coach everyone to achieve ‘sales excellence’ with real-time prompts

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SuMo Inspire

SuMo Inspire TV

  • Amplify your team’s performance with interactive TV leaderboards

  • Recognise top performers – broadcast leaderboards of ANY Salesforce data

  • Share success via broadcasts, company news, cheers & taunts

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100% Native on the Salesforce Platform

Being built natively on Salesforce is incredibly important and here’s why!

  • Secure. No data ever leaves your system

  • Rapid Roll Out. Fast implementation time

  • Easy to Use. Natural extension of Salesforce makes SuMo intuitive to use

  • Simple to Configure. Point & click configuration

  • Best Practices Built-In. Library of over 250 pre-built behaviours

Running exclusively on the Salesforce App Cloud, SuMo ensures the highest levels of data security and performance. SuMo is optimised for Lightning Experience & the Salesforce1 mobile app. Want to know more? Click here to read on…

100% Native App - AppExchange Security Reviewed & Listed.
100% Native on

Introducing SuMo Insight – Discover, Predict & Tune

Discover the true performance of your sales team

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

SuMo Insight provides the first pillar of your sales acceleration strategy. SuMo Insight exposes the true performance of your sales team, allowing you to:

  • Track your team’s performance against complex, high-value sales behaviours over time

  • Discover the winning habits of your top sales performers

  • Uncover the careless sales traits that are slowing you down

  • Tune your sales process to eliminate weak points and remove friction

  • Eliminate unhealthy deals from your forecast by predicting deal outcomes in advance

SuMo Insight - Predict the outcome of your deals

Get started today and gain insight into the health of the KPIs that span your sales process, right from lead follow-up through to closed won business.

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Introducing SuMo Motivate – Motivate, Engage & Coach

Motivate a sustained increase in sales performance

“A 5% performance increase in middle-ground sales reps yields over 70% more revenue when compared to a 5% shift in top performers productivity” – The Sales Executive CouncilSales Methodology

An approach we like to call “Maximising the Middle”!

Armed with the data-driven evidence provided by SuMo Insight, you now have the baseline from which you can drive a sustained increase in sales performance. SuMo Motivate, the second part of your sales acceleration strategy, will allow you to:

  • Deliver intelligent sales coaching prompts that drive your team forwards

  • Tap into your teams’ competitive nature with rich game mechanics

  • Keep a high sales activity cadence with real-time progress charts

  • Provide 1:1 sales coaching based on data driven insight into individual rep performance

  • Drive the right sales activity at the right time by promoting specific behaviours

SuMo Motivate - Go Mobile!

Don’t fly blind. Combine SuMo Insight and SuMo Motivate to get the perfect blend of sales performance insight and behavioural motivation. A blend that will see your sales performance quickly soar.

All delivered as a 100% secure & native app on top of

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SuMo Inspire – Bring Success Centre Stage

SuMo Inspire broadcasts your Salesforce data onto TV displays as KPI driven leaderboards. SuMo Inspire engages your team and spikes an instant increase in sales performance. Featuring sounds, animations and news broadcast features, SuMo Inspire offers your users transparency into performance and motivates them to excel by tapping into their competitive nature.

  • Display real-time sales performance

  • Visualise ANY salesforce data as a leaderboard

  • Announce your team’s achievements as they happen

  • Broadcast the latest company news & announcements

  • Delivered with pre-built TV channels

100% native to, SuMo Inspire is fast to get started and easy to configure. Delivered with pre-built TV channels covering typical sales KPIs, our interactive display boards will bring your team’s success to centre stage.

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