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Need More Sales?

Behavioural Motivation Might Be The Answer

I don’t think we have ever managed to elicit a negative response from a sales manager to which we have posed the question “do you need more sales?” The answer is usually an unsurprising “Yes, of course. We always need more sales!”, rapidly followed by an enquiring “How do you suggest we achieve that?”

Increasingly, Sales Managers are turning to innovative new techniques to satisfy the never ending quest for customer acquisition. The old thinking of motivating and rewarding sales reps based on a one-dimensional outcome (closed revenue rewarded with financial payment) is increasingly being seen as no longer effective enough.

In tough economic times, the cost and lost time associated with the traditional hire and fire mentality has forced sales managers to rethink, with many of them turning to behavioural motivation to satisfy the need for more sales.

These Sales Managers have realised a faster way to scale the success of their sales teams is by “maximising the middle”, motivating an improvement across the entire team that delivers more sales success, faster.


Increase the performance of your sales team today!

Need More Sales? Try Behavioural Motivation!

Need More Sales? Then Maximise the Middle!

Need more sales? Look no further than behavioural motivation!

Instead of incurring the cost of firing the Larry Laggards and facing the lost time associated with the recruitment, training and ramping of a new set of sales hires, this new approach focuses on coaching and motivating every sales rep right across the whole sales process to increase the chances of creating more Paula Perfects.

Modern techniques such as behavioural motivation focus on using data analysis to identify the frequency and timing of the activities exhibited by the most successful sales reps throughout the entire sales lifecycle, the activities that ultimately result in positive sales outcomes. This path to success or “winning way” can then be used to guide and nudge every sales rep across every deal, motivating the right behaviours at the right time to accelerate deals and increase the likelihood of closure.

When coupled with transparent reporting of achievement and rewards across the entire sales journey it is easy to see how sales managers are successfully using behavioural motivation as a new approach to the “need more sales?” dilemma.

SuMo Motivate allows you to first identify and then break down your optimal sales process into manageable milestones, guiding your sales reps and prompting them to follow best practices for each and every deal. SuMo enhances sales productivity and efficiency, reinforces your “winning way” and ensures your workforce is operating as a stronger team.

Avoid the common mistake of rewarding only for the outcome and inspire your sales teams to achieve daily by setting sales goals that span the entire sales process. Goals they can clearly identify with and milestones they can successfully attain by using SuMo Motivate.

For more information on deploying behavioural motivation to drive sales, feel free to get in touch with our expert team who can guide you on how you could be rapidly scaling up your sales success.

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