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Sales Leaders Turn to New

Sales Coaching Methods to Increase Sales

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Sales Coaching That Works

When it comes to sales coaching, the world has at last taken a step forwards.

The traditional method used to drive sales reps has for many years been based on a single, one-dimensional outcome. Reps get rewarded when a deal closes. Simple.

The thinking has always been, if we pay reps handsomely when the deal closes they will move mountains to make it happen. When the sales year ends, sales managers then celebrate the top performers and fire the bottom performers. At which point, the time consuming and risk laden task of hiring more top performers begins.

This approach is increasingly seen as sub-optimal. As a result, many sales leaders have turned to behavioural motivation, the latest innovation in sales coaching.

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Most of all, these sales leaders have realised that the faster way to scale-up the success of their sales teams is by “maximising the middle”. Because, by doing so, they can motivate an improvement across the entire team that delivers greater sales success much faster.

Maximise the Middle Performers

Sales Coaching - Maximise the Middle Performers

This new approach focuses on delivering continuous sales coaching and motivation for every rep, across the whole sales process. Thereby increasing the chances of creating more “Paula Perfects”.

Modern sales coaching techniques, such as behavioural motivation, focus on using data analysis to identify the frequency and timing of the behaviours exhibited by the most successful sales reps as they navigate the sales process.

These activities are the ones that ultimately result in positive sales outcomes. This path to success or “winning way” can be used to guide and nudge every sales rep across every deal. Thus, motivating the right behaviours at the right time to accelerate deals and increase the likelihood of closure.

Reward Success

This approach also allows for the transparent reporting of achievement and rewards across the entire sales journey. As a result, it is easy to see how sales managers are successfully using behavioural motivation as a new sales coaching technique to scale their sales effort at minimal cost.

SuMo Motivate allows you to first identify and then break down your optimal sales process into manageable milestones, guiding your sales reps and prompting them to follow best practices for every deal. In conclusion, this approach will enhance your sales productivity & efficiency, reinforce your “winning way” and ensure your sales team is operating at its peak.

Getting Started

Avoid the common mistake of rewarding only for the outcome. Instead, seek to inspire your sales teams to achieve on a daily basis by setting sales goals that span the entire sales process. Goals that your team can clearly identify with and milestones they can successfully attain.

For more information on deploying behavioural motivation as a sales coaching technique, feel free to get in touch with our expert team who can guide you to rapidly scale your sales success.

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