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Maximise Your Sales Incentive Plan

Avoid the mistake of creating a sales incentive plan that rewards only for the outcome; focus instead on setting goals that span your entire sales process.

How much thought have you given to just how effective your sales incentive management really is? If you’re in charge of a busy sales team, our guess is that your thinking is dominated by a complex sales incentive plan and multitude of sales incentive ideas that typically reward only for the outcome (i.e. in the form of financial rewards for the end game of closing deals)

We’re sure you have already identified or put in place sales incentive schemes that ensure your team stays competitive and focused on the final outcome, but have you ever really thought about what would really help them achieve that result faster or what would make them go that extra mile?

Experience has shown us that a commission based sales incentive plan is not as efficient as was once thought.


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Sales Incentive Ideas

Sales process performance incentives

Yes, it gets your sales reps focused on the number that defines their success, but what about the individual elements of the sales journey that they need to travel in order to achieve a closed deal? Everyday tasks like lead follow-up, contact profiling and accurate next steps are all important parts of a sales reps day-to-day efforts that drive their deals forwards. Yet, these critical tasks are consistently overlooked or pushed aside by a workforce too focused on the one-dimensional outcome of cash commission.

Salespeople know that at the end of a closed deal, a cash commission awaits them. This motivates them to focus on the number that defines their individual success but does nothing to coach or entice them to use their CRM system correctly to increase the chances of a successful sales outcome or to accelerate deals. Moreover, cash rewards are proven to be not as motivational as we might have believed them to be. Often seen as part of the salary, as it is paid in at the same time, and not immediately obvious as a reward to our peers, it has a tendency to get lost in the everyday shuffle, giving it very little sentimental value.

Good sales incentive schemes are those which transparently reward for best practice activity that spans the entire sales process, right from lead follow-up through to closed revenue. Truly motivational sales incentive schemes incorporate an extra intrinsic value to the sales rep’s compensation. Things like cumulative points you can redeem for a holiday, a personalised gift proclaiming your supremacy or a thank you note from the CEO are easy, potentially low-cost, extras that boost morale and bring about more meaningful relationships in the workplace.

So, it’s time to start thinking about sales process performance incentives rather than mere sales incentives.

SuMo Motivate uncovers the best practice sales behaviours that define your “winning way”, motivating and guiding your sales teams on each and every deal to perform the everyday activities that ultimately accelerate sales and deliver true bottom-line impact for your entire business.

For more information on sales incentives ideas or a sales incentive plan you can put to use today, feel free to get in touch with our industry experts who can guide you through sales incentive plan examples and useful initiatives.

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