Company Profile: LeasePlan UK, a member of LeasePlan Corporation NV Group, is part of the largest vehicle management group in the world. The group operates a fleet of more than 1.3 million vehicles and provides innovative leasing and fleet management solutions in 32 countries and across five continents. The UK division of the company manages a fleet in excess of 136,000 vehicles (including 36,000 commercial vehicles); it operates four brands and employs around 570 members of staff.

The vehicle leasing industry is a mature and competitive market that is currently not exhibiting significant growth rates.

As a result, LeasePlan cleverly decided to focus their attention around innovation and customer service excellence to develop their growth and place themselves ahead of the competitive curve.

This goal was made particularly challenging, taking into consideration just how vast and varied their clientele is. It was imperative that their service efforts be reinforced by a strong and accurate CRM system that could help their teams provide each customer with the right service.

LeasePlan kicked off their SuMo Motivate deployment at the same time as they moved from an out-dated CRM system to Salesforce, relying on SuMo to help ramp up their agents in the use and utility of the newly installed CRM platform.

In this case, SuMo was able to help LeasePlan realise their goals which included a rapid return on investment, an increase in sales productivity and delivery of better data quality whilst seamlessly transitioning a busy and large group of users from an antiquated CRM system to the Salesforce platform with minimum impact on the business.

More than just transition, the LeasePlan sales team quickly took to the gamified aspect of SuMo, cranking up the competitive nature of the reps who enjoyed the thrill of badges, leaderboards and prizes.

The results were staggering – 385% increase in overall engagement and 153% increase in activity completion to name just a few. Read on to discover 8 top tips from LeasePlan’s head of Commercial Performance.