Improve Sales Performance with your Existing Resources

Working out how to improve sales performance is on the mind of all good sales leaders. Can we achieve this with our existing resources?

by Tim Knight, CMO, CloudApps.

Everyone wants to ‘improve sales performance’ and many make the bold claim that they can help you to do precisely that. However, it’s such a nebulous and overused phrase, in practical terms, what do we really mean by it?

Just ask your CFO what he would prefer to do to improve performance. In the sales function there are really only 3 choices:


1. Cut sales costs:

Sounds easy, but it does, of course, cost money to cut costs! At the same time, it presents a great risk to the business as it goes through the turmoil of shedding jobs. If you replace poor performers with new hires, the hidden risk is that you end up simply burning money to replace like with like.


2. Expand sales footprint:

Obviously it costs money to expand. You need to hire new salespeople, which has both a cost and time impact. Hiring new reps is a great risk in its own right, you need to train them, equip them and potentially recruit additional people to support them.


3. Improve cash flow from existing resources:

Use the resources you already have, that are already paid for and coach them to take simple steps to improve their individual sales performance and hence the overall sales team performance. In short, maximise your existing sales potential.


Your CFO would pick number 3 every time. It represents the least cost, least risk and the fastest potential return.

And yet, how many times do we kick off big sales transformation projects that are focused on cutting costs or expanding the business? Time to start living in the present and get the cash flowing faster by maximising the performance of our existing sales team. Given that it represents the least cost, least risk, fastest return way to improve business performance and cash flow, why wouldn’t you?


But how do we get started?

What if you could monitor the health of your sales process KPIs to ensure your vital signs remain strong?

More than monitoring your existing KPIs, what if you could discover the path to success navigated by your top-performing sales reps?

Wouldn’t you then be in a position to increase sales by motivating more of the winning behaviours across the entire team based on the factual insight you have gained?

This approach serves to accelerate success across the core middle ground of your team. We call this “moving the middle” and it’s the fastest way to increase your sales team’s performance.

Is it time to take a closer look at how behavioural motivation might maximise your middle performers?



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