Company Profile: G4S Secure Solutions is the world’s leading global security and outsourcing group. They are the largest employer on the London Stock Exchange, employing more than 620,000 people across 120 countries. Douglas Greenwell, then UK sales and strategy director at G4S felt that to improve the performance of his team, he needed to change certain behaviours across the sales department and looked to SuMo Motivate to help him manage his team more intuitively.

The Security industry is an increasingly competitive market. To keep up with the evolving landscape, G4S Security Solutions felt the need to maximise the potential of their sales teams, bringing an element of friendly competition to the equation in the hope that it would spark higher selling rates amongst their reps.

They were faced by low rates of CRM adoption which in turn caused a lack of customer insight and difficulty in financial forecasting. There was also a disconnect between reps, who were reticent to share best practices with other team members and kept cross selling to a minimum.

Douglas Greenwell, G4S UK sales and strategy director at the time, was looking for a solution that enabled him to individually manage each member of his team in a much more intuitive manner, to get the best out of each rep and encourage the behaviours management wanted their sales team to exhibit.

G4S looked to SuMo Motivate to help achieve the analytical insight and behavioural change they required and within three months, they were enjoying benefits like:

  • 60% increase in “Active” pipeline (i.e. when sales managers are in contact with customers)

  • 35% upturn in contacts logged in

  • Adoption of has risen to 98% across the sales team compared to 75% prior to deploying SuMo

  • 86% rise in sales activity logging