Company Profile: FusionExperience is an innovative business and technology services company that fuses deep domain expertise in the investment, insurance, telecommunications and complementary markets internationally, with technology from group companies and industry leading partners to build platforms and applications that meet specific business needs. FusionExperience adds value to every one of their client’s businesses through services and solutions, operating across multiple sectors.

FusionExperience is passionate about achieving the best results for its customers and as as a provider of solutions, FusionExperience offers strategic guidance and advice to its clients, allowing them to maximise the potential of these services.

In September 2013, FusionExperience added SuMo Motivate to its portfolio. As a native application on the, SuMo could provide FusionExperience users with in-depth insight into the health of their CRM investment as well as capabilities to monitor, coach and accelerate the desired sales and service behaviours of their teams.

By connecting SuMo with Fractal Maps, a unique visualisation capability that enables clients to analyse data more easily from one screen, FusionExperience is able to present progress in a clear and engaging manner, further enhancing the CRM solution that it can provide to its customers.