Forecast Accuracy.

Most organizations lack the tools and data insights to accurately assess the deals in their pipeline, resulting in low levels of forecast accuracy.

Regularly achieving your forecast delivers stability to the business and creates the predictability required for growth. CRM systems only provide a picture of ‘what’ happened, not why or how. By applying a sales insight platform, it is possible to uncover deal health, receive real-time deal predictions, and validate forecast assumptions. And organizations that leverage a structured forecasting process increase their win rates by 25%. 

With so much to gain, why is it that most organizations still adopt a subjective approach to forecasting?

Improve forecast accuracy with the next generation of AI: Deep learning.

Unlike traditional AI, which is based on human-led statistical analysis and assumptions, deep learning AI is an incredibly intelligent system that mimics the workings of the human brain. It can read results, understand nuances and rationalize outcomes, constantly learning from every interaction to improve intelligence and enable highly accurate predictions. 

Apply this to your sales CRM alongside other time-sequenced data, such as emails, or accounts records, for example, and suddenly you have a means of gaining highly accurate sales insights to generate forecasts that will transform your sales function. Because it is able to determine for itself what features are important, it alleviates the burden of feature extraction, and the more data you give it, the more accurate it becomes over time.

Schneider Electric increased their forecast accuracy by 79%, and pipeline quality by 55% by deploying Cloudapps

Cloudapps AI platform is the first and only provider of ‘Deep Learning’ AI in the CRM sector

Cloudapps AI offers a powerful sales development tool that provides organizations with detailed sales insights, analyzing customer activity and sales behaviours alongside other time-sequenced data, to provide intelligence that will take your forecasting to the next level.  

The Cloudapps deep-learning AI platform has been trained to observe Opportunity related sales behaviors performed by sales reps. A granularity of insight not reached by our competitors. It is also able to record time-stamped and sequenced data, meaning it’s able to understand not only if changes to Opportunities happened, but when and why.

All this results in the highest level of accuracy available on the market today. Our customers are attaining forecast accuracy of over 95%.

The Cloudapps AI difference:

The Cloudapps AI engine is unique in its ability to generate highly accurate sales forecasts through:


Learning from rich behavioural data

Generate a rich data audit trail for every deal based on high-value sales behaviours, not simply sales activity

Quota 3 - Coaching plan

Uncovering insights from the deal journey

Build up a picture of your sales that is time-sequenced, recording not just which sales behavior happened but crucially when

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Using the latest AI innovation

Not all AI is as smart. The Cloudapps AI engine uses the very latest Deep learning algorithms that significantly outperform traditional AI

The advantages of Cloudapps Deep Learning AI include:

  • Accuracy – Deep Learning significantly outperforms traditional Machine Learning
  • Self-learning – this approach continuously learns as your business evolves
  • Future-proofing – Deep Learning will continue to see advances where traditional methods will not
  • Fast to get started – traditional methods require the processing of vast volumes of data before producing results, Deep Learning does not
  • Time-specific – Deep Learning drives even greater levels of accuracy if you can feed it with time-sequenced data.
  • Reliability – Trust comes from reliability.  The Cloudapps AI engine is unique in its ability to generate forecasts that are over 95% accurate.

On that note.

If achieving total forecast accuracy is still on your bucket list, you should give this comprehensive guide a read.

In its pages, we discuss the attributes of strong pipelines and the key components of healthy opportunities and show you 6 steps to building a forecast you can trust.

Create a sales forecast you can trust
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