Company Profile: Fluido is a rapidly expanding Nordic system integrator that focuses solely on related solutions. As the new customer behaviours, enabled by mobile and social channels, push the boundaries of today’s enterprises, these solutions combined with Fluido’s expert services help companies transform their business. Since the foundation in 2009 Fluido has worked with over 150 organisations of all sizes and various business verticals.

Thanks to Fluido, SuMo Motivate has been able to motivate winning behaviours in the Nordics. As the leading CRM consultancy in the Nordics, Fluido’s customers operate in almost every line of business and represent organisations of all sizes.

By acting as a provider, adviser and implementation partner for SuMo Motivate, Fluido is helping customers maximise their investment, combining their detailed knowledge of best-practice CRM processes with the world of behavioural motivation.

More than just partners, Fluido is so convinced of the positive effects SuMo can have on sales and service teams that it too has implemented the application, rolling it out to its own consultants.

As both solutions are delivered 100% on the platform, customers are able to enjoy the benefits of game mechanics and data analysis with a tightly integrated user experience and seamless integration.