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Get An Instant Productivity Increase

With Employee Engagement Software

Just how engaged are your employees? We invest in tools that tell us about our profit, cost efficiency or sales units but are we putting enough effort in motivating and measuring our most important asset; our team?

SuMo software boosts employee engagement

A team that is disengaged from your daily running and long term goals will inevitably pull in a different direction, or worst still, not pull at all.

Only a well-aligned workforce will enhance your overall performance and this can only occur when each member can see and understand the value of their activity against the company’s target.

employee engagement software

What can employee engagement software do for you…?

SuMo can help not only analyse this data but align your employees’ behaviour with the necessary steps to get the job done. SuMo can help bring team & target together by:

  • Analysing and understanding your employees’ use of Salesforce.com
  • Offering a clear view into user performance, aiding user coaching and engagement
  • Creating a fun and interactive channel where users can reconnect with the system and the rest of the team
  • Creating a competitive edge through the use of game mechanics that will motivate your users to succeed
  • Adding a real value to the process so that your team feels part of your company’s success and progress

Employee engagement must be a part of a company’s KPIs and SuMo for Salesforce can help you collect the data you need to construct your most important metric.

SuMo guided me to new functionality within Salesforce and rewarded the disciplines of good CRM usage. For me, Salesforce is now offering real payback in terms of efficiency and productivity.
Eliot Bernstein, Account Manager, LeasePlan
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