Company Profile: CRMWaypoint help organisations with their transformation to the cloud era by providing business advice, help with the integration into the existing IT landscape, app development and custom-made software implementation and dedicated training courses. With the Waypoint proposition, the company delivers on its commitments of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), such as low investment costs, rapid time-to-market, good ROI and high flexibility. CRMWaypoint is a ‘cloud born’ Salesforce Gold Alliance Partner and received the ICT project of the year award 2012.

CRMWaypoint helps its clients develop astute transitions onto modern cloud-based products and so, a partnership with CloudApps’ motivation and data analysis offering, SuMo, has been the perfect affiliation for customers looking to quickly ramp up their team and business onto the Salesforce platform.

Using revolutionary gamification techniques to increase user engagement, SuMo taps into the motivation and desires of people to work well and constantly improve. SuMo drives CRM best practices across sales, marketing & service, ensures high levels of process adoption, clearly uncovers the “winning way” and improves communication and collaboration across all teams.

By acting as a provider, adviser and implementation partner for SuMo, CRMWaypoint is able to help customers maximise their Salesforce investment in combining its detailed knowledge of best-practice CRM processes with the world of behavioural motivation and data analysis, providing enough insight and content to ensure businesses embed behavioural change for the long haul.