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Drive The Winning Behaviours That Lead to Sales Success

Shift from CRM adoption to CRM addiction

SuMo Motivate uses game mechanics to motivate employees best-practice use of your CRM investment. SuMo drives up CRM adoption keeping them engaged and focused.


We gamify to enhance user experience, assist with training and lighten-up the process of inputting necessary data, making it fun and manageable for the entire team.

SuMo ensures employees are well aligned to the business goals and accelerates sales, marketing and customer service success.

What can SuMo do for you?

SuMo injects science into the art of selling by monitoring & motivating more of the high-value sales behaviours that lead to more sales.

  1. A clean & healthy pipeline
  2. A smarter, fitter sales team that follows your clearly defined and repeatable path to success
  3. Peace of mind that you will always hit your forecast

All of which will contribute to a sustained increase in sales performance.

How does SuMo work?


  1. Benchmarks ‘sales excellence’ (learns what ‘good’ looks like)
  2. Coaches every rep to be a top performer (motivates every rep to follow ‘good’)
  3. Exposes the true health of every deal (by providing an early warning system of deal health)

Inject science into the art of selling, increase your CRM adoption & boost your sales performance

Start increasing the performance of your sales team today!

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About SuMo

SuMo increases sales performance by monitoring & coaching the high-value sales behaviours that deliver sales success.

What will SuMo deliver for me?

  • a clean & healthy sales pipeline
  • improved forecast accuracy
  • accelerated sales performance

SuMo is in use by blue-chip organisations globally such as UBM, Vodafone, Roche, SIGG4S,  and Qlik.


Increase the performance of your sales team today!

Shift from CRM Adoption to CRM Addiction