CloudApps vs Einstein

Who is the real genius?

A detailed comparison between the two leading sales effectiveness AI platforms.

To the untrained high-level exec, it would an impossible task to discern between the CloudApps AI  platform and Salesforce’s Einstein to supercharge sales effectiveness in your organisation.

On the one hand, Einstein is promoted by Salesforce to be the all-intelligent AI behemoth; then, on the other hand, you have CloudApps, the most intelligent AI sale effectiveness platform in the world. Both equally native to Salesforce and easily implemented, and both nearly do exactly the same thing – or do they? Herein lies the problem faced by many enterprise-sized decision-makers.

Choose wisely – Your decision could mean the difference between winning and losing deals!
This 4-page guide will lay out the differences between CloudApps vs Einstein.

This 4-page guide distills the differences between CloudApps vs Einstein.

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