The Complete Sales Solution.

Combining established sales behavior solutions with the most advanced AI technology for optimum sales effectiveness.

Most organizations lack the tools and data insights to accurately assess the deals in their pipeline, resulting in low levels of forecast accuracy. Super-charge your sales function with the perfect combination of behavioural data science and advanced deep learning AI technology.

Schneider Electric increased their forecast accuracy by 79%, and pipeline quality by 55% by deploying Cloudapps

Schneider Electric

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What is Cloudapps: Sales Effectiveness?

With over 10 years of expertise in the field of sales effectiveness, the Cloudapps AI platform is one of the most established and successful AI sales team solutions.

Used by multinational organizations in the telecoms, energy, insurance, and technology sectors, Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness provides them with an AI platform steeped in behavioural science that is improving sales team motivation and achievement through guided selling, gamification, and guided coaching. 

What is Cloudapps: AI Augmented Sales Intelligence?

Cloudapps Sensai is the first and only ‘Deep Learning’ powered AI solution in the CRM sector.

It offers a powerful sales development tool that can not only improve sales effectiveness in the here and now, but also continuously learn as the market develops – enabling organizations to futureproof their sales and CRM activities for whatever lies ahead.

Unlike other sales enablement platforms on the market, Sensai uses a more advanced form of AI that replicates human capabilities. It can read results, understand nuances and rationalize outcomes, constantly learning from every interaction to improve intelligence and enable highly accurate sales predictions. 

Better Together

Using the next-generation AI engine to power sales effectiveness solutions brings a level of insights and accuracy beyond comparison. 

Benefits include:


Applying the right sales behaviours

Guided sales actions founded on company-specific insights rather than generic behavioural assumptions to improve sales team impact

customer churn

Time-specific guided selling

Deep learning AI analyses time-sequenced data, to identify the best actions and when to take them to achieve optimum results.

Reduction of recruitment overheads

Save on senior-level recruitment by using the sophisticated, prompted sales system to support and train junior team members


Greater accuracy to forecasting

Deep-learning AI continually learns and adapts to circumstances, bringing accurate insights and precise forecasting

With the Cloudapps complete
sales solution you can:

Reduce inefficiencies and maximise sales team impact using tailored, time-specific insights

Recommending the next-best action a rep should perform requires a deep understanding of the impact each action will have on the desired outcome. 

Cloudapps have been observing and recording the behaviours performed by sales reps at many blue-chip organisations for over a decade. Applying our scientific approach to selling, steeped in these behavioural observations we provide sales leaders with rich and intuitive insights that help drive their teams towards significant sales targets.

Adding our deep learning AI engine, Sensai, allows the platform to analyse your company-specific data to determine the impact any given behaviour will have on each opportunity, taking into account its specific and often unique set of circumstances at each point in time. This provides your sales reps with the best set of actions to take and when – based on factual data, to improve impact, efficiency and deal success.

So, you know the next step your reps take will always be the right one.

Achieve highly accurate sales forecasts and predictions

Unlike other vendors in the CRM space, our algorithm uses Deep Learning – not just traditional Machine Learning. It has been trained to observe Opportunity related sales behaviours performed by sales reps. A granularity of insight not reached by our competitors. The Cloudapps engine is able to record time-stamped and sequenced data, meaning it’s able to understand not only if changes to Opportunities happened, but when and why.

All this results in the highest level of accuracy available on the market today. Our customers are attaining forecast accuracy of over 95%.

Improve ROI with increased average deal value and win rate

With a greater understanding of your customers, their behaviours and the impact of your sales team actions you’ll be able to tailor your activities for maximum effect. The combination of behavioural insights and advanced deep-learning AI technology brings a level of insight beyond comparison in the market at present. Insights that will not only give you a competitive edge but also enable to you optimise your sales function, delivering greater ROI. Customers using the Cloudapps solution are already seeing an average of 20% uplift in win rate, and up to 12% increase in deal value. 

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Delivering sales growth for some of the world’s most successful companies

ROI guaranteed.

Sometimes, it’s the small things that bring about the biggest change.

Take the case of our customers, who on average have increased their win rate by 5.6%, augmented average deal size by 5.3% and added 4.1% more opportunities to their pipeline.

These numbers may not sound like much in isolation, but when combined, they created a 15% spike on their revenue.

For an organisation of £100M revenue that’s an additional £15M – without changing sales process, technology stack or personnel.



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