Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness.

Get everyone to quota with guided selling, gamification & data-driven coaching.

Some organisations rely on a handful of top sellers to invariably deliver on targets when they should be helping the entire team reach quota.

Our platform looks under the bonnet of every sales interaction to pinpoint which sales behaviours have the most productive (or damaging) outcomes.

How does this insight help you create more top sellers? By acting as the foundation for guided selling and coaching for the whole team.

Clarion Events increased their win rate by 20% and average deal size by 19% by deploying CloudApps.

Clarion Events

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3 ways to increase
sales effectiveness.

Built on the foundations of behavioural insight, The Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness platform helps drive everyone to quota by delivering guided selling, gamification and data-driven coaching.

What’s included.

Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness includes:

  • AI-based “next best action” recommendations

  • Game mechanics & nudge theory

    • Competitions
    • Leaderboards
    • Trophy cabinets
    • Experience points
  • Data-driven coaching

    • Visual representation of behaviours performed
    • Skills gap analysis
    • Side-by-side comparisons
    • Objective setting
    • Personalised coaching plans
  • Available on Salesforce1, iOS & Android

AI you can trust.

Trust comes from reliability.

The Cloudapps AI engine is unique in its ability to generate forecasts that are over 95% accurate.

How is it so accurate?

  1. It learns from rich behavioural data:  More data delivers greater accuracy. We generate a rich data audit trail for every deal based on the sales behaviours applied to it.

  2. It learns from the deal journey:  Timing is everything. The data picture we build is time-sequenced, recording not just which sales behaviour happened but crucially when.

  3. It uses the latest innovation:  Not all AI is as smart. We use the very latest ‘Deep Learning’ approach that significantly outperforms traditional AI.

CRM systems only provide a picture of ‘what’ happened. Cloudapps provides the missing ‘why’. Our Deep Learning AI engine makes use of this insight to deliver unprecedented levels of accuracy.

Accuracy you can trust.

Our customers love the
results they’re getting.

Ebury Case Study

When Ebury looked into the performance of their sales team, they discovered things weren’t exactly what they had expected. The activities they were promoting had little impact on win rates, the most active reps were actually the weakest closers and their qualification process was missing the mark. Discover how Ebury made their sales team and process more effective through behavioural data.

ROI guaranteed.

Sometimes, it’s the small things that bring about the biggest change.

Take the case of our customers, who on average have increased their win rate by 5.6%, augmented average deal size by 5.3% and added 4.1% more opportunities to their pipeline.

These numbers may not sound like much in isolation, but when combined, they created a 15% spike on their revenue.

For an organisation of £100M revenue that’s an additional £15M – without changing sales process, technology stack or personnel.

Thanks to the Cloudapps Platform…

Clarion increased
win rate by


Vodafone increased
pipeline size by


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