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CSO Insight’s 2019 report states that we have yet to improve across two key sales measures.

Firstly, the average win rate remains stuck below 50% and, secondly, less than 25% of organisations understand why top performers are successful.

The gap between the bottom and top performing reps is 4.3x. A 3% shift can close 10% more revenue

Source: Gartner

Building solid foundations for success starts with deep insight into sales behaviors, both good and bad.

What if you could uncover the path taken by your top reps, such that you could identify gaps in lower performers and drive everyone to success?

Imagine if, at a glance, you could see the health of a deal, without relying on the word of the team working on it. This is the level of insight you get with Cloudapps.

The benefits of
behavioural insight.

What do we mean by sales behaviors? These are the (often complex) ‘high-value’ and ‘careless’ steps taken by your sales team. Either knowingly or unwittingly performed, they represent the building blocks that lead to deal success or failure.

CRM systems only record ‘point-in-time’ information or over-simplistic ‘activity’ history – which is precisely the reason we struggle to understand true deal health.

Boiled down, our challenge is that not all reps need (or indeed want) to be trained or coached in the same way.

But imagine if, at a glance, you could:

Expose deal health

based on performing the right behaviours at the right time

Observe rep behaviours

based on adherence to your ‘winning way’ sales process

customer churn

Uncover points of friction

based on sub-optimal sales process steps

Insight like this is the first step to building an unbeatable sales team that meets your targets every single time.

The CloudApps solution will help you build confidence in your deals, understand your team’s weak spots and assess the strength of your sales process.

On that note.

Your sellers are the face of your business. They are the first point of contact and the go-to people for your prospects and customers.

It’s paramount that you build a strong sales team that can accurately represent your organisation’s goals and values in every interaction they have with your buyers.

Check out what some of the industry’s leaders believe makes an effective sales team in this guide.

Build the Perfect Sales Team