forecast accuracy

repeatedly deliver against promised forecast

Regularly achieving your forecast delivers stability to the business and creates the predictability required for growth.

Organisations that leverage a structured forecasting process increase their win rates by 25%.

With so much to gain, why is it that most organisations still adopt a subjective approach to forecasting?

Organisations who leverage a structured approach to forecasting increase their win rates by 25%. 

Source: CSO Insights 2019 sales excellence study

forecast uncertainty.

Your sales forecast should only include the deals you deem healthy enough to progress.

Add rigour to your forecasting process by utilising predictive technologies and behavioural data to determine deal health.

With CloudApps you could:

Uncover deal health

Automatically uncover deal health

Create a transparent, data-driven picture of deal health.

Real-time deal predictions

Receive real-time deal predictions

Be confident that deal predictions are always current.

Forecast validation

forecast assumptions

Cross-check results against your rep’s forecast.

Achieve this level of clarity by deploying the CloudApps Platform. Uncover your healthiest deals and improve forecast accuracy to over 95%.


On that note.

If achieving total forecast accuracy is still on your bucket list, you should give this comprehensive guide a read.

In its pages, we discuss the attributes of strong pipelines and the key components of healthy opportunities and show you 6 steps to building a forecast you can trust.

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