Our busy reps and their packed schedules often cause them to neglect the quality of our data. But keeping our accounts in order can massively increase sales efficiency, as it arms our team with the tools they need to get the job done!

david_kirk.jpgA blog post by David Kirk, SuMo Sales Director, CloudApps.

The act of cleaning has a somewhat cathartic effect on us all. And as a result of this euphoria, we actually find ourselves allowing the mess to be created in the first place. Of course we deserve a pat on the back when the week’s chores have been addressed by Sunday evening but perhaps we should take more merit for tidying-up after ourselves as we go along, rather than letting the build-up drag us down. Don’t you agree?

In business we are just as bad.

We employ people who are able to do the job. They have the skills, talent and experience to be successful. We offer training and give them digital solutions so they are capable of doing that job at scale but often, this capability is undermined because the data they need to work with is in a mess. It’s not complete, it’s out of date, duplicated or just irrelevant. So you end up with skilful people, who are able and ready to work, being tied down by a system that’s offering them no way to scale up the business. It’s practically impossible to increase sales efficiency this way.

increase sales efficiencyNow think about the hours we waste and the opportunities we miss because we let the data get into a mess. We cannot run a marketing campaign because we don’t have a complete list of customers, our invoices don’t get paid on time because we send them to the wrong department, our customers constantly complain because we ship them the wrong products. The list of horrors goes on and on.


 Increase Sales Efficiency by Cleaning your Data

So allowing our CRM system to get in such disarray, actually brings about two big problems for us – one, we are not capable of working at scale, and two, we waste time and money trying to cover the problem up. Whilst the cathartic effect of cleaning the data may make us feel like we’re being productive, we’d be better off spending that time and effort finding ways to keep data clean and updated as we progress through our processes.

A simple way of doing so is by following the old principle of ‘if it’s not on the system, it doesn’t exist’ when talking to your reps. Start preparing your entire team to use your CRM system as a way to communicate back to the business and make them get into the habit of using it for their own benefit too. In order to keep accounts in order, you need to impose weekly and merciless reviews that weed out dead opps and pull up areas at risk. For this, you need a clear view of your entire cycle, an awareness of the situation at hand, including snap views of each deal and opportunity but also backlogs detailing where they each came from and how long they’ve been around.

Reward those users keeping notes lengthy and data rich and coach those team members who are starving the system of nurturing information so they too can start contributing to the system as well as your top performers do.

Don’t leave the order of your business at the bottom of your to-do list. After all, tidiness is a virtue!


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