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3 Ways to Increase Sales Revenue during an Economic Downturn

In every recession, sales teams often find themselves in poorly charted waters because no two downturns are exactly alike; consumers set stricter priorities, reduce their spending and purchasing power is often reduced. Tough times bring on tough business decisions.  

3 Ways to Increase Sales Revenue during an Economic Downturn2023-05-18T00:32:28+01:00

EG Upskills Sales Team & Drives CRM Adoption with Cloudapps

Cloudapps has enabled EG, an established provider of data, news and analytics products and services for the commercial real estate market, to improve sales performance and transform the quality of data provided by its Salesforce CRM platform.

EG Upskills Sales Team & Drives CRM Adoption with Cloudapps2023-05-18T00:32:28+01:00

Fast Tracking Sales Success

Different sales people have different skillsets. To transition effectively and successfully to new B2B sales behaviours, businesses need to look closely at individual activity, which can only be achieved if businesses stop thinking revenue is the only measure of sales success.

Fast Tracking Sales Success2023-05-18T00:32:28+01:00

Q&A with Stephen Kelly

We sat down with Stephen Kelly, business expert and Chair at Tech Nation, the UK’s leading growth platform for tech companies and entrepreneurs, to discuss the state of sales and key challenges facing businesses in 2022.

Q&A with Stephen Kelly2023-05-18T00:32:28+01:00

Co-bots not Robots: The Future of Sales

There is a new generation of sales team top performers – and they are unlikely to be the same people who smashed their targets pre-COVID. Without the face to face meetings, conferences and networking events, many sales people have found the last 18 months incredibly challenging. From the difficulty of reaching out to prospects to having to pitch via a screen, the familiar ways of interacting have vanished.

Co-bots not Robots: The Future of Sales2023-05-18T00:32:28+01:00
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