Company Profile: Artesian delivers commercially valuable insights that change the way businesses engage with customers. With the Artesian Social Intelligence Platform B2B enterprises can commercially leverage valuable web based insights, and in turn change the way they engage with customers, with dramatic results.

Artesian Solutions are a leading provider of cloud-based Social CRM software, native to Salesforce. But although their product and in turn agents depended deeply on the platform, their use of CRM for their own sales and customer service was weak.

The team was composed by young and tech-savvy individuals who understood the system well enough but saw little self-benefit for their day-to-day customer facing activities. This gave way to a big problem in CRM adoption which quickly disrupted the quality of the data with reps updating patchy or outdated details onto their accounts. At the same time, administration had little clarity into the actual use of the CRM system, which made training struggling reps and rewarding best practitioners very difficult.

Artesian management team was eager to create a healthy and lasting relationship between the sales & service reps and the platform they had heavily invested on. They turned to SuMo Motivate as a handy tool to help monitor and coach the desired behaviours, whilst bringing an aspect of competition to the young team.

The results were soon quantifiable:

  • Salesforce adoption rates were raised to 100%
  • 500% increase in pipeline data quality
  • 100% increase in data capture compliance