AI Guided Selling.

Deep behavioural insights into deal health & rep performance

Deliver Highly Targeted
Sales Behaviours.

The top 20% of most sales teams account for greater than 50% of the revenue they generate. The biggest opportunity for growth lies with middle performers.

Replicating the success of your top sales reps in this group would give you a rapid way to significantly boost your revenue. Imagine the impact on your revenue if you could help core performers improve the size & quality of their pipeline and increase their win rate.

Rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all sales process, we leverage AI’s ability to decipher big data to recommend the most impactful next step for every deal. Every sales action, every win, and loss turned into an experience that’ll help your team sell flawlessly. 

The Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness platform can not only help you to identify the top behaviors that are driving sales success, in real-time but also enable you to replicate these behaviors across the team, improving productivity, effectiveness and ultimately driving revenue.

The Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness Platform Can:

next best action

Suggest next best action

Use AI to guarantee your reps never take a wrong turn

Win Rate 1 - Gamification

Drive more winning sales behaviours

Make your whole sales team more effective

Quota 3 - Coaching plan

Deliver personalised, intelligent coaching

Address skills gaps for every individual in your team

Clarion Events increased their win rate by 20% and average deal size by 19% by deploying CloudApps.

Clarion Events

Three Winning Ways:

There are three ways the Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness platform can be applied to your business to improve team performance.

Level 1: Code your own winning way

Cloudapps uses AI to drive its sales behavior platform. If you’re not ready to guide your team using AI, then simply codify your “Winning Way” and nudge your reps to perform the actions you know to be successful.  Achieve total adherence to your best practice sales process and increase win rates across the board. (Find out more about Cloudapps: Sales Effectiveness)

Level 2: Cloudapps tried and tested

The Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness platform has been supporting organizations across the world to create greater sales impact for over a decade. Combining behavioral science with traditional AI technology delivers a solution that with help get every rep to quota. Apply Cloudapps added features such as gamification and guided coaching, and your whole team will be motivated and set for success. (Find out more about Cloudapps: AI Augmented Sales Intelligence )

Level 3: Cloudapps Supercharged

Imagine a guided sales solution that was based on data completely unique to your team, your organization, and your real-time circumstances. Combining the next-generation Cloudapps Deep-Learning AI platform with Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness behavioral science delivers just that. A tailored, highly accurate sales solution. Using time-sequenced data, the Cloudapps complete sales effectiveness solution will ensure your reps not only know the best actions to take but when to take them. Improving team efficiency, productivity, and success. (Find out more about the Cloudapps: The Complete Sales Solution)

How UBM tied revenue attainment to sales behaviours.


Cloudapps customers are already achieving impressive sales growth through AI Guided Selling. UBM are just one example of this – by tying revenue and sales behaviour attainment together they created a highly engaged team and increased their sales success.

On that note.

Your sellers are the face of your business. They are the first point of contact and the go-to people for your prospects and customers.

It’s paramount that you build a strong sales team that can accurately represent your organisation’s goals and values in every interaction they have with your buyers.

Check out what some of the industry’s leaders believe makes an effective sales team in this guide.

Build the Perfect Sales Team